Asylum Haunted House

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11425 Community Center Drive
Northglenn, Colorado
United States


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Ticket Information: General Admission $13 VIP FastPass $18

Online Tickets Link: $19.99 and up Get your Fast Pass or Skip the Line tickets!

POST MORTEM: THE ESCAPE: You will enter the Asylum to find the body of a resident lost to disease and untreatable, waiting for you on an autopsy table. Within seconds you realize that what started as a tour, is now a trap! Desperately, you must work with a group of friends and strangers to uncover the clues and make your escape. You have only a short time to work together before the chamber begins filling with the sedation gas. You don’t want to be trapped there in an unconscious state...or you may be the next one on the table! Primitive Fear: Anarchy.

PRIMITIVE FEAR: ANARCHY: All hell has broken loose on the city streets as there’s whisperings of an opening in the walls meant to keep the residents in and the pitchforks and torches out. As luck would have it, the most notorious pair to ever call Ridgegate home, were the first to discover the pathway back to society. As if they had never left, they are now back in control. They run these streets along with their gang of misfit henchman. Their plan has been implemented - introduce a little anarchy, upset the established order, and everything becomes chaos. What we call a crime spree, they call vindication. Who is this masked pair? We only know the names that the survivors have given them, Mr. and Mrs. Nice Guy, a reference to the smile laden masks they wear to conceal their true identity, and stifle their inner conflicts. They smile, because it confuses people. They smile, because it’s easier than explaining what is killing them inside. Don’t be yet another to be fooled by their smiles... Ridgegate: The Deranged.

RIDGEGATE: THE DERANGED: Untold horrors were committed at what we now know as “Ridgegate”: electroshock treatments, bloodletting, surgery viewings for family members, grotesque lobotomies, and inhuman isolation guaranteed to drive even the most stable of residents over the edge. It is said that one could not tell the residents from the staff, were it not for the straightjackets so many were made to wear all hours of day and night. Were the conditions and medical experiments of the time safe? Who was watching the “doctors?” Some say they are there still there, passing judgment on all who enter. Can you honestly say that you aren’t maybe just a little bit “crazy?” Of course you are... you’d have to be crazy to come in here!


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