13th Floor Haunted House - San Antonio

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1203 E. Commerce St.
San Antonio, Texas 78205
United States


Phone: 2103380382

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Dates & Times of Operation: Check our calendar for specific hours here: http://13thfloorsanantonio.com/hours.html

Ticket Information: $24.99 & up Get your Fast Pass & Skip the Line tickets for a shorter wait!

Online Tickets Link: http://13thfloorsanantonio.com/hours.html

SLAUGHTER HOUSE: Laugh or cry? Find out which in your group is the most afraid of Slaughterhouse clowns... There’s nothing funny about this clown house. A roaming troupe of chainsaw-wielding clowns has taken over the fallen Blackthorne District's Slaughterhouse, dubbing it the Laughterhouse. Anarchy abounds as the Laughterhouse's clowns are strengthened by the screams and fears of all those who enter. Think you can survive going through the deranged clowns new stomping grounds? Good luck–just don’t become the punchline.

FERAL MOON: On a distant hill overlooking the town of Blackmoor, lies a cemetery. This cemetery is filled with crumbling, cavernous crypts and tombs and has safely held a savage curse for nearly a century. If for nothing more than habit on the eve of a full moon, the town below prepares for the curse by locking their doors and boarding their windows despite the fact no incidents have been reported in their lifetime. The curse has been contained within the walls of the cemetery, allowing the creatures of the night a place to roam freely and feed in the moonlight. Serving as a reminder on these cursed nights, the people of Blackmoor can hear the faint echo of howls rising from the cemetery walls. But tonight, the echos have grown stronger. The barrier that has kept them safe for so long has collapsed without warning. On the eve of this full moon, werewolves will once again ravage the town of Blackmoor. A modern interpretation of a classic monster of old, this Halloween season at 13th Floor is... Feral Moon!


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More Info About 13th Floor Haunted House - San Antonio

In the early 1940’s the building that house the 13th Floor Haunted House operated briefly as a hotel for passengers travelling in and out of Sunset Station. According to legend, a group of school children arrived at the station in route to their destination south of San Antonio. The weather turned, and the bus driver who was to take them the rest of the way decided it would be best if they waited till morning to complete their journey. The checked in to the hotel across the street, and turned in for the night. The next morning, the rain had let up to a drizzle, the bus driver loaded the children and headed south. Just south of town, on the same railroad tracks that brought the group of children to San Antonio, a train was moving swiftly down the tracks, when the engineer spied a school bus stalled along his path. Frantically he pulled his break and tugged on the train whistle, the huge engine quickly advanced toward the school bus, unable to stop in time. Ten children reportedly lost their lives that tragic day. Legend has it that they continue to haunt the area, including the hotel where they spent their final night, protecting others from a similar fate.

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