Blood Lake Haunted Trail

16500 Midlothian Turnpike
Midlothian, Virginia 23113
United States


Phone: 804-343-3700

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Dates & Times of Operation: Friday and Saturday nights in October (5,6,12,13,19,20,16,27) 7:30pm to 11:00pm

Ticket Information: adults, $10 to $15. kids under 14, $8 to $13. Visit our website to purchase tickets.

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The blood's still warm in 2012 at Windy Hill Sports Complex: 2 terrifying outdoor haunts at 1 low price. Witness terror and destruction unleashed by a malicious microscopic organism on the "Pathogen" haunted trail. Then, enter "Slaughterpen 13," where meat is most definitely murder!


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More Info About Blood Lake Haunted Trail

<p>Blood Lake Haunted Trail returns to Windy Hill with two all-new, terrifying attractions that will send you screaming into the night. Don't miss Richmond's most twisted, cruel and unusual haunted attraction!</p><p><b>Pathogen:</b> It came from the depths of Blood Lake. First it attacked the trees, then it made the leap to mammals, and now it has its sites set on you! Witness the terror and destruction that a malicious microscopic organism can unleash. Encounter the ghoulish groundscreepers at Blood Lake as they fight to contain the outbreak and its bloody aftermath. See the carnage. Hear the screams. Flee from the pathogen that turns every living thing into an invasive death machine. Every shadow conceals a threat. Every twig-snap signals your approaching doom. Pathogen will have you and your friends screaming and scrambling to escape the madness of a world nature never intended.</p><p><b>Slaughterpen 13:</b> The Heaven's Gate Hog farm closed over twenty years ago, but folks at Windy Hill say that on many a dark October night, you can still hear old Clem Abatt and his brothers hard at work in the abandoned slaughterhouse. Enter Slaughterpen 13 and find out for yourself what those strange sounds are. Are those bewildered hogs in the pens with you? How is that possible? What is that around the corner? Could it be the Abatts working late into the night slaughtering and butchering hogs? But didn't they all die in the shootout with police all those years ago? They know you're here. They've been waiting, and now it is you who are being herded through the pen. What's that sound up ahead in the dark? The crack of a bolt being driven from an air hose? A saw? Best of luck getting out of Slaughterpen 13 in one piece!</p>

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