Brighton Asylum

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2 Brighton Ave
Passaic (Clifton border), New Jersey 07055
United States


Phone: 201-716-2827

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Brighton Asylum is New Jersey's ONLY year round haunted attraction. We keep the fear going all year!


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"LEGEND OF BRIGHTON ASYLUM"It is said that Brighton's industrial complex, a series of old and decrepit warehouses, was used for housing mentally unstable and psychologically damaged individuals back in the mid 1940's. After years of extremely harsh living conditions, grotesque medical experiments, staff disappearances, and screams spilling into the residential areas during the night, the state permanently closed the facility in 1952 pending a full investigation. No such results of any investigation can be found to date. The series of unthinkable events that took place between the mid 1940's and 1952, are still waiting to be discovered. Several of the head doctors and psychiatrists involved, allegedly, found a way to tap into the minds of their patients in an effort to experience first hand exactly what was in the deepest, darkest, recesses of their minds. They thought this would provide them with a better understanding of their patients and ultimately lead to better treatments. Ultimately, rumor has it, it drove them to the brink of insanity themselves. There are reports of doctor's, psychiatrists, nurses, and even guards, clawing their own skin off, pulling their teeth out, cutting their eyelids off, and performing surgeries on themselves and each other, just to name a few of the many grotesqueries that were rumored to have happened as a result of this unprecedented technique. That was then. All was quiet for 59 years. All the while, Brighton Asylum sat unexposed, decaying and cut off from any and all outside influence. Then, as if to be suddenly given a new lease on life, Brighton Asylum re-opened in 2011 as a haunted attraction. Its creaky doors opened to the public once again, and since then, thousands of people have been exploring its hallways and rooms where hundreds of patients have lost their minds. Some say that when you enter one of the patient rooms now, you actually enter the mind of that patient, seeing, feeling, smelling, and totally encompassing everything that patient was and everything that drove that patient to the brink of insanity. You enter that patient's environment. You enter his/her reality. Are you strong enough to prevent from becoming permanently part of it? Or will you suffer the same fate that so many have rumored to have suffered before you, and become yet another victim of the infamous and harrowing Brighton Asylum?

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