Chambers of Horror

695 North ave. NE
Atlanta, Georgia 30309
United States


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Dates & Times of Operation: Oct 1st- Nov 1st 2014 See website for times.

Ticket Information: $17 General Admission$27 Speed Passprices vary near halloween. Visit us online at for tickets.

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Chambers of Horror is a horror attraction located in downtown Atlanta behind the Masquerade. Experience the most shocking, brutal and intense haunted house in modern history. As seen in Haunted Attraction magazine! ABSOLUTELY NO CHILDREN ALLOWED!


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Haunted Attraction Magazine next Haunt on my Tour was Chambers of Horror in downtown Atlanta. With intense and provocative scenes, this was completely different from the other haunts in the area. I got there after 9pm so I saw the R-rated show. Chambers of Horror is a young haunt produced by Ian O'Brien(Gorehound Productions). Ian's goal was deliver a more adult and intense experience than you get at most haunted houses (which he achieves by the way). I was very interested in seeing the show since if you have been following the blog, I prefer more intense, gorier places and have already seen some pretty strange stuff on the trip, but I did still have some firsts in this haunt.METROMIX Atlanta by Jonathan Williams Masquerade is known for assaulting the senses with some of the best punk, metal, hip-hop and rock shows in town. But this Halloween season it offers a totally different type of onslaught with Chambers of Horror, a brutal new haunted attraction located in the building formerly occupied by Mellow Mushroom directly behind the venue.Operating under the guise of a fictitious company called TortureCo, the deviant minds behind the Plaza Theatre's Splatter Cinema and Atlanta HorrorFest, along with local artist Rene Arriagada, have created a very realistic new haunt inspired by films like œSaw  and œHostel,  as well as real-life horrors that play out in news reports each day. Chambers of Horror is one of many super-secret facilities where wealthy people can pay to watch innocent people being tortured and slaughtered for their own decadent pleasure.Those brave enough to enter the 5,000-square-foot complex will see the inner workings of this hellish torture club, with room after room of surveillance screens, disturbing mutilation, incineration and blood-spattering frights. The only monsters are large men in jumpsuits and welding mask wielding various devices of torture and, at times, dragging fresh corpses to their dismal disposal.Recommended for ages 13 and up (but open to anyone who dares pay the price and enter), Chambers of Horror becomes even more adult-oriented after 10 p.m. when an 18-and-up age restriction is enforced due to the more graphic and titillating nature of the horrors that take place inside. And on nights when there is a wait to get inside, the Splatter Bar & Lounge, located up the hill inside the Masquerade Music Park and open every night, offers drinks to help numb the pain, as well as DJs and bands on weekends.Chambers of Horror opens Oct. 4 as the closing party for the HorrorFest and Zombie Walk. Those still in zombie makeup get a $3 discount during the grand opening and festivities will also include performances by the Red Phantoms Misfits tribute band and DJ Chico. Other bands and DJs will perform at the Splatter Bar each weekend. The Haunt itself is in a building behind a nightclub so I thought there might be potential problems with drinking etc, but Ian and his crew were managing the crowd like nothing I have seen anywhere else. The crew keeps most of the line away from the haunt and only calls them forward when there is room in the staging area. Once in the staging area, your are matched up and put into single file lines/groups. As one line goes in, you are moved down to the open spot and so on. When your group is on-deck, you receive your safety briefing (complete with verbal pop quizzes to make sure you listened), and you also receive notice that this is an adult haunted house and if you are easily offended, you should not go in. I think the crowd management did a couple of things “ first off, it was very efficient and kept the crowd very manageable. Secondly, because it was so orderly, I think it really helps cut down on any potential issues with rowdy people because they are too busy following directions and not just standing there with nothing to do. Ian was kind enough to pull me to the head of the line and got me in with a group. In the opening scene, we receive a briefing from an attractive employee of Torture Co. who explains that the facility is for wealthy people who want extreme experiences and we should not interfere at any time (think Hostel). We then got to see the armory which contains all kinds of great torture devices and tools. The next room was security where we saw video of the various decadent acts being performed in the facility. Then we were left on our own to wander through the haunt. The scenes are intense, gory and sadistic with a splash of simulated nudity thrown in. I don't think I had seen as strong a blend of sex and gore this trip as I did at Chambers of Horror. I realize (and so does Ian) that this is not the kind of show that has broad appeal, but that is not his goal. He is delivering a unique experience to the people of Atlanta “ some will like it and some will not. Overall, the scenes were well done and the acting was VERY good. It can't be easy maintaining that high of an energy level over and over again but they certainly delivered. There was one particular older guy who had nothing on but an apron who was really good which means very disturbing (he's in a pic below sitting on a table eating a body) and had some great lines. So it wasn't just about trying to shock customers with gore. The scenic design was well done and there was creativity in coming up with some of the gags and scenes and the actors really brought it all together. If you liked the movie Hostel, you would like this Haunt. If you thought Hostel was disgusting, you won't like this haunt. If you like edgier, more intense and gory haunts, you should visit Chambers of Horror. I personally enjoyed it and liked the Chambers of Horror myself. Ian, thanks for your time and for a fantastic show. I hope you have a great season!

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