Chesapeake Woods Massacre

2859 Augustine Herman Highway
Chesapeake City, Maryland 21915
United States


Phone: 4439093522

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Dates & Times of Operation: Thursday-Saturday, September 27th-November 3rd.

Ticket Information: $15

An insideous walk through the woods of Chesapeake City with some of Hollywood's finest.


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The Story The folklore and legend of "the real" births more terror than any horror mastermind can fabricate. The grounds of Griffith Park and beyond have been home to murder, torture, paranormal activity, serial killers, and abduction. The area surrounding the "Old Zoo" and "B Rock" has been called one of the most paranormally active sites in all of California. Now these and other actual events will come back to life, opening the portal to a river of lost souls that scream for revelation. They are dark. They are vicious. They are all around you. Tonight, we call on the hauntings of the real terror in history to rise from the darkest corners of hell to take possession OF YOU! Welcome to the Los Angeles Haunted Hayride 2013: "Based On Actual Events" Haunted Hayride In it's 5th year, the Los Angeles Haunted Hayride has become an Iconic Hollywood tradition that remains unparalleled and unmatched. This year, the extended trail is back bringing an entirely new twenty-five (25) minute experience to those who think they've "seen it all." Armies of demonic forces and dark presences liter the grounds and are frantic to strike at their favorite "hayriders." This year's sets are truly spectacular as the creative team takes on new special effects challenges not yet done in the live haunted attraction realm that will make the most unique haunted attraction in LA a show stopping vision of Haunt, Creep, and Bone Chill. Don't miss what FOX, NBC, CBS, ABC, MTV, G4, E, & Access Hollywood, have called "Terrifying and Awesome," and Dread Central called "one of the most amazing spectacles I've ever seen in all my years of attending haunts." The In Between (MAZE) Test your courage as you enter the dark. Not for the faint at heart, this attraction was called the scariest maze in LA in 2012 and will send you into a sea of blackness with nothing but the hands in front of you, and a low voltage lantern to guide your group. The demons and maniacs residing in these walls have not seen light in decades. They have mutated to the darkness, which means you can’t see them but they can see you. If you don’t choose your turns wisely, you will be faced with encounters repeatedly until your heart starts beating faster and faster. Your neck and palms start getting sweatier and sweatier and it’s getting harder to breathe. Looks like you’ll have to pull the “I’m a baby” ripcord, signaling the LA Haunted Hayride staff to make an emergency extraction of you. But hey, that’s what we’re here for. See you in the dark! Purgatory (Side Show) Our sideshow of entertainment turns the line into part of the show. Within “Purgatory” you will find the fan favorite dark ride "The Scary-Go-Round," House of Mirrors, a special effects fabrication booth, Live Shows of Disturbia, Psychic Readers, Photo Opportunities, Creatures, Fall Fare Food and Beverages, and more. All activities in “Purgatory” are included in your ticket excluding food, merchandise, and games. NOTE: The one thing you will not find in "Purgatory" is animals. While we are collectors of humans, Ten Thirty One Productions and the Los Angeles Haunted Hayride firmly opposes animal captivity and the exploitation of live animals for entertainment in amusement parks, theme parks, or any other event or attraction.

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