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Alabama has some of the scariest and best haunted houses in the nation.  Alabama haunted houses are situated throughout the entire state with many located around Birmingham.  Birmingham Haunted Houses include Pope’s Farm and Atrox Factory. While located just outside of the city they are well worth the trip. Haunted houses in Birmingham, Alabama have been reviewed as some of the best.  So make sure you take a trip to the heart of Dixie and experience some of the scariest haunted houses around.


Disturbia Haunted Attraction - located in Huntsville, Alabama, will disrupt your mental thoughts, torment your sanity, and test your fears. Disturbia Haunted Attraction is a professionally themed attraction looking to play tricks on your psyche. If you like dolls, you will have to see our collection. It is unlike any other twisted demented assortment you will never forget. Not suitable you young children, the demented room of bodies or bloody meat lockers will tantalize your senses and torture your mind. If you have to courage to continue down the path of horror, you will encounter the tests of your fears. The heart wrenching vortex will play with your balance and the incredible dark tight space you need to make your way through will challenge your fear. The walls are closing in on you. Will you make it out? You may survive the tests, but will you lose your mind in Disturbia Haunted Attraction? Popes Haunted Farm - of Salem, Alabama began years ago with a hayride through the fields. What we did not know is that a specter named Jasper, had laid claim to sections of Pope’s Farm and he has returned to lay claim to what he believes is his. There have been some unusual sightings of Jasper throughout The Haunted Hayride. Jasper wants to continue with his evil work he started years ago. Beware! If you think you see Jasper, for he will stop at nothing to protect his secrets. You will also encounter your fears in The Haunted Barn. If you fear it, we will test your fear. We challenge you to walk through the tunnel and meet the characters from the most terrifying horror movies. Welcome to our torture chamber with the twisted halls and watch for the puppet man and his misfits that lurk throughout, looking for new victims to tempt and torture. The Haunted Barn is here to play with your mind and find your phobia. Many don’t make it through, as their phobia’s get them before we do. Take an unguided tour through darkest section of The Haunted Forest and wonder why you thought you had the courage to conquer your fears. Your evening stroll will take you through the graveyard, into the abandoned house and the tool sheds. Don’t stray from the path in the darkest of forests, for the tortured resident’s lust for revenge from the one who murdered them and are always looking for new victims to use for their twisted torture or join them and become one of the followers. Escape and take the mind blowing 3D Clown Maze by storm. Our 3D Clown Maze has so many twists and turns you won’t know where you are going and what you will run into. With your 3D glasses you will experience a new dimension in scare tactics in this crazy and bizarre maze that will blow your mind. Definitely one of the area’s best haunted houses, haunted hayride, haunted forest, and 3D Clown Maze, it is a must see this season.


Haunted House of Horror - in North Alabama, will bring your fears to life. Located in Courtland, Alabama, the Haunted House of Horror will take you on a trip inside the old Courtland High School. The Haunted House of Horror boasts 40, 000 square feet of haunt world experience. Haunted House of Horror has the latest and greatest scares the industry has to offer and an inside 8,000 square foot waiting area with fun and exciting activities so you can enjoy some scary activities while you wait. Take a walk on the catwalk across our Ultimate Tunnel Experience. Meet Dr. Trauma, he makes “house calls” on the Haunted House of Horror, always looking for new victims. Incredibly detailed rooms with professional animatronics and scares around every corner, we bring your fears to life!