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Delaware hosts some of the scariest haunted houses. Middletown haunted houses has 8 attractions in one location.  Zombie Prison, Horror Hayride, Ravenwood Cemetery, Fear, Zombie Town, Haunted Barn, Idalia Manor, The Attic are all included at Frightland. Make the trip and stay for a while at Middletown’s Haunted House.  Selected as ‘One of America’s Scariest Halloween Attraction’s’ by Travel Channel.  Amusement rides keep you here longer to become one of the undead.

Those who had courage to stay settled inside the newly built Forts. Continual battles were fought for the land, the riches of the ports, and their attempt at the settling new places. These battles were bloody and violent. As each country would come to review locations in the new world, they would brutally destroy others settlements, pillaging and torturing the existing settlers, selling them into slavery, and the names of the towns and forts would change with the new ownership. Originally settled by the Dutch, Delaware changed hands and names over and over. It was part of New York under the Duke of York, became a Province of Maryland, and then purchased and owned by William Penn, a Quaker, as part of Pennsylvania, within a relative short time period. The division of the land was made by the Delaware River and the clashing of the representatives of Delaware and Pennsylvania. William Penn’s review of the situation aided in the separation of land, this created the state of Delaware. Delaware was considered a border state during the Civil War. They were stuck in the middle, bordering both Union and Confederates. Ultimately taking sides with the Union, this separated families, friends, and neighbors. Slavery existed in Delaware, but was phasing out due to the Quaker run assembly who did not agree with the brutal practice. However, the lower part of the state did. With freedom route just a state north to Pennsylvania or New Jersey, Delaware and its cities of Wilmington and Camden, became a nexus for the Underground Railroad. Abolition of slavery began in Delaware. Just as many wanted slavery as those who wanted to abolish it. Legends of those who would re-capture escaped slaves and shackle them for resale or torture this death was a twisted brutal reality of life. The Cannon and Johnson gangs’ greed for money and thirst of torture, aided in their business, the business of slave resale. Legends of the torture from the Cannon gang continue from the depth of evil with Patty Cannon, who committed suicide in jail awaiting sentence for multiple murders, her body buried in a local cemetery, but it is believed that her head is said to be located inside The Dover Public Library inside a hatbox. Delaware was torn in two. Families, friends, even neighbors by the state divided and the brutal repulsive times in Delaware. During the Civil War, Delaware is mostly known for its prison - Fort Delaware. Shiploads of prisoners were brought here by the thousands. A prison ill equipped to handle the volume of prisoners. Lack of clean water, food, and medicine brought some of the most repulsive violent living conditions. Diseases, exposure, infestation of rats, lice, mosquitoes infected with malaria, and other animals brought on dysentery, small pox, and a myriad of infections and epidemics that were out of control. Fort Delaware was in itself a hell on earth, a torture beyond your worst nightmare. Many soldiers died horrid deaths. These deaths while they were fighting for their beliefs and for their state of Confederacy for slavery. From the massacred colonists, the many murdered throughout the years, and the prisoners who died gruesome deaths, Delaware is a state with some of the most paranormal activity and haunted houses. Delaware is well known in the haunt world for its portals of hell and the revengeful souls who live within its confines. The intense energy these souls expel, helps the living keep they at bay for the remainder of the year. Unfortunately, they must return to do their bidding as part of their mission in purgatory. Demons and messengers of the under-lord return to experiment and do research in their dungeons and chambers in the chill of the fall during the season of Halloween, under the spells of pure wickedness. Delaware is home to many haunted attractions that are well known in the haunt world. These haunted houses are well worth the trip. These attractions have been seen on many of the local television and radio stations, magazines and newspapers. Visit this haunted world of twisted and deranged: haunted houses, forests, trails, farms, mazes, hotels, asylums, prisons, castles, indoor and outdoor attractions. Delaware is a state at the top of the haunt world and considered the area’s best for haunted attractions. Find the most innovative animatronics, scary monsters, creepy zombies, demented demons, creatures from the depths of the underworld, cutting edge technology and have your nightmares brought to life right here in Delaware. When searching for haunted houses online, Delaware is just a click away.

Frightland - in Middletown, Delaware is not just an attraction, it is a complex of terror. Welcome to the Idalia Manor, home of Dr. Thaddeus Idalia. Dr. Idalia was rumored to have been driven mad by the suicide of his daughter in the barn. He has been said to be conducting horrific experiments deep in hidden rooms in the basement of the manor. Beware the doctor is looking for new victims for his experiments and you could be next. Curiosity takes you to the Haunted Barn where Dr. Thaddeus’ daughter is said to have committed suicide. Although numerous exorcisms have been attempted, none has been successful. The ghoulish demons, possessed farm hands, and evil clowns who inhabit the barn thrive on your terror. You may escape only to discover what we just recently found. The Attic, a secret location that was recently found by members of our staff, who then, after telling of the location, disappeared themselves. It’s a secret that only reveals itself, when you enter the hell above, in The Attic. Catch your breath and take a nice hayride. What seems to be a casual relaxing ride on our hay wagon will enter the confines of the hell on earth, in Horror Hayride. For what comes out at night after the light of day becomes the darkest night, searches from the confines of the underworld to cast its evil on all who enter. Watch out for the chainsaw-wielding demons they don’t leave much behind once they get a hold of new prey. Definitely the area’s best haunted hayride you just have to see to believe. If you can conjure more courage, enter the Haunted Woods. No safety of a hay wagon can save your soul from the evil that lurks inside. Run, don’t walk, and stay vigilant and careful, for getting lost is a fate worse than death! Your escape is necessary for you to find our new challenge. Phobia will challenge even the most seasoned thrill seeker. We love to tempt your Phobia with pure terror or create a new one to keep you awake at night. Sub-human inhabitants thrive on your fear and bring them to the verge or pure horror. Visit the town where Dr. Thaddeus Idalia’s father once worked as a doctor for the miners who worked here. The Ghost Town was once a mecca for the coal miners and their families. This quaint mining town turned to horror as bandits and outlaws took over and created mayhem. These outlaws and bandits burned down the Doctor’s house killing his wife and daughters during a drunken rampage. Dr. Jacob Idalia poisoned the water supply and slowly killed: the outlaws, and the townspeople, and himself, in retaliation. Trapping the souls within the confines of The Ghost Town, they are still seeking mayhem and revenge on all who dare to enter. Thaddeus was forced to hide at the manor and experiment in the hidden confines in the basement of this house. His assistants throughout the years were captured and instead of hauling them off to other prisons, they were confined to the Reedy Point Prison, right here on the grounds of Frightland. Reedy Point Prison was long ignored and was allowed to be overrun by the inhabitants who reproduced and thrived within the confines of the walls. Enslaved for all time, they found a route to escape or did they? Can you find your escape or will you become one of the innocent victims that has disappeared and taken up new residency amongst the most evil demented psychotic souls. Need to take a breath, or catch your own? Carnival Amusements Midway has all you need to meet up with your family, friends, make new ones, or just for some fun entertainment. Beware for Dr. Idalia’s patients have a tendency to escape their confines and like to have some fun.