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Louisiana has the best reviewed haunted houses. Louisiana haunted houses are scattered throughout the state including New Orleans, Baton Rouge, and Monroe.  New Orleans haunted house will have you ravaged by the undead bodies in The Mortuary Haunt House. Marie Leveau entices you to enter The 13th Gate and Necropolis 13 in Baton Rouge. The shear terror of descending 13 steps into an open grave.  The Mortuary Haunt House and The 13th Gate named one of the “31 Must See Haunts in America in 2013” by Haunted Attraction Magazine.  Louisiana’s Haunted House is well worth the trip to experience some of the scariest attractions.  Evil Visions Haunted House walk with demented souls looking to devour your soul in Monroe.


Louisiana, an antebellum state, was previously known as the Territory of Orleans. Louisiana’s history is long and full of the trials and tribulations of the massive influx of immigrants. Because of its rich land and ports, Louisiana has seen its influx of French, Spanish, American Indian, Caribbean, Africans, Germans, and the English. During the time of slavery, it held the largest percentage population of slaves; at almost 50% this number is repugnant. However, it also held the highest free black number too. Although Louisiana was a southern state and belonged to the Confederacy, it was taken in battles by the Union forces quickly. The large port city of Orleans held many free slaves and they wanted all states to be free. The most violent and brutal battles were fought up the Mississippi River. These were the most gruesome of battles, outside the city limits were still the Confederates fighting for their cause.


Carefully, the Union soldiers reviewed the lay of the land and waterways. The decided to travel in what is now called the Red River Campaign. The soldiers took over the river waters in a multitude of bloody and violent battles. These battles were fought over the course of days, yet thousands lost their lives. The Union soldiers came from every angle, there was no place for the Confederates to run, only fight until death for their beliefs. The water ran deep with the blood of the dead, and the suffering ran deeper. These battles left many injured, disfigured, dismembered or worst yet, dead. Many others died of starvation, dysentery, or an epidemic of sickness. War was a purgatory within itself, for the hand to hand combat and seeing death in the eyes of the opponent burned deep into heart. These dead souls which do not know they should have passed over, wander aimlessly. Souls lost between life and death, left wandering the land or worse yet, angered by loss and seek revenge. Fortunately, these souls are gathered and kept restrained until their energy and anger release them from their bondage to let them roam free during the harvest months of the fall. Wounded, dismembered, infected, cold and hungry have left these souls in purgatory to forever complete their mission. These missions led by the most evil of sources, from the fires of hell below. Souls have converged in the many haunted houses, haunted hayrides, haunted mazes, ghost tours, paranormal activity, attractions and more. Attracted by Halloween, they converge in the portals that are opened during Halloween. The intense energy they expel helps the living keep them at bay for the remainder of the year. Unfortunately, they must return and do their bidding as part of their mission in purgatory. Louisiana is a portal to the depths of the under-world.


Demons and messengers of the under-lord return to experiment on the living. Hidden dungeons and chambers are opened under the pure evil and energy of the spirits who are unaware of how to cross over and searching for revenge. Louisiana is home to the many haunted attractions and haunted houses that are well known in the Haunt world. These attractions have been seen on local television and radio stations, local newspapers and billboards, as well as and Haunted Attraction Magazine. Visit the haunt world of twisted and deranged haunted houses, scream parks, haunted hotels, haunted caves, haunted farms and barns, haunted stables and trails, haunted mazes, attractions and more. Find the most innovative animatronics, scary monsters, creepy zombies, demented demons, crazed clowns, creatures from the depths of the underworld, cutting edge technology, and bring your nightmares to life right here in Louisiana. When looking for a haunted house online, Louisiana is a haunt world favorite, and just a click away.


The Mortuary Haunted House in the heart of New Orleans, Louisiana welcomes you to a Real Haunted House. The Mortuary Haunted House is located inside a 140 year old Victorian Funeral Home surrounded by a real cemetery. Known for its nine known haunted residents and the disturbing 100 year old ghost stories, we invite you to take a tour through this three story magnificent mansion at the very dead end of Canal Street. Originally built in 1872 and used as a mortuary for more than 80 years, this 14,000 square foot of mayhem and madness is sure to bring chills up and down your spine. The Mortuary Haunted House, although already creepy in nature is enhanced by state-of-art animatronics, movie quality make up, professional scenes, and special effects. The only one not screaming is the one who is already dead. The Mortuary Haunted House has been seen on Ghost Lab from the Discovery Channel, America’s Scariest Attractions on the Travel Channel, and routinely visited by many ghost hunters from all over the world. Warning, Bloody Mary is searching for fresh warm adrenaline filled blood, it could be you she is looking for.


The 13th Gate in the capital of Louisiana, Baton Rouge, is the site of the most evil, the largest portal to the sinister wickedness from the hell below. The 13th Gate takes you through 13 themed areas, indoors and outdoors, of the most frightening, number one haunted house in America. You will be crawling, running, screaming, and scared for your life. All the reviews keep coming in and the “Wow!” factor has everyone blown away. Realistic set designs, Hollywood makeup artists, special effects, and extreme scream factor has the 13th Gate a must see to believe haunted house. Bar none, we will scare you! Known as the scariest, best haunted attraction, the rave reviews keep coming in. The 13th Gate is the most intense, extreme, experience, you don’t want to miss.


Evil Visions Haunted House in Monroe, Louisiana is back BIGGER, DARKER, and MORE TWISTED than before. Welcome to the demented entertainment of the season. Enter the Evil Visions Haunted House and take a tour into the depths of the most wicked and tortured souls who reside within the confines of the haunted house. Strange occurrences happen often once the portal to the damned has opened. Enter if you dare, your escape is imperative for your survival. Don’t wait for a review, enter and challenge your own fears in Evil Visions Haunted House. See what the haunt world has to offer in Louisianna.