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Michigan Haunted Houses have some of the best reviewed haunted houses.  Crypt Haunted House at Chemco  
Erebus Four Story Haunted Attraction is four stories of pure terror.  Haunted Farm of Terror has the best zombies in town.  Jackson offers one of the largest haunted houses in Michigan at Jackson’s Underworld Night Terror at Wizards .  Niles Haunted House Scream Park offers 4 haunted attractions in one.  Niles Haunted House: Misfit Monster Mansion, Curse of The Dark Walker, Tomb of the Undead 3D, Field of Screams: Legends of Horror, Dark Territory Haunted Hayride: Museum of the Macabre, and Zender Presents: Igor’s Hi-Tech Mystery Tour are all located in Niles.  Visit the devil at St. Lucifer’s Haunted Asylum.  The Bone Yard will give you a chill in all your bones once you step in their play yard.

Michigan is a state known as “The Wolverine State”. This nickname has two different opinions on the origin. The first being the Toledo War and the way Ohio residents viewed the Michigan's people as being bloodthirsty and vicious as wolves. Or the Native Americans viewed the pioneers and the way they took the land to be the same as the way wolves are gluttonous in eating their food. Both being aggressive and disturbing, this is a nickname for this beautiful and rich state. Michigan changed ownership over the years; illness, wars, and death became an integral part of the change. Land ownership went from Indigenous tribes to the French, French to the British, British to the Americans. Violence, cruelty, tortured, and brutality were a fact of daily life on the frontier. Even during the Civil War, Michigan sent many men into battle and was a major help to the Union Army. Upon request for a few good troops, Michigan sent a swarm of trained soldiers. Twenty-five percent of the men of the state were called upon and volunteered for their beliefs. 90,000 went into war, but the soldiers who returned came back disturbed, insane with the living horrors that they experienced. Deaths from diseases were upwards of 10,000. Medicine was in its infancy, dismemberment and amputation the only option. 4,500 men died in combat. The Civil War, all over the abolition of slavery and the beliefs of the colored men, women, and children can be kept by the slave owners to do with as they want. Disturbing as that is now; it was a fact of life back then. Starvation, illness, dismemberment, and death, left the souls wandering the state of Michigan. Many angry souls have returned to this state to do the bidding for the under-lord below. Michigan has seen its share of evils and is now paying the price. Known for the farming and automotive industry, where ever you travel, the haunted houses and paranormal activity are plentiful. Michigan is pivotal in the vortex of evils and in the horrifying history of our country. Michigan contains the spirits of many whose deaths left angry spirits behind. Known for a multitude of the scariest haunted houses, paranormal activity, haunted mazes, haunted hayrides, ghost tours, attractions and evil, Michigan is a portal to the depths of the haunt world. Demons and messengers of the under-lord return to experiment, and do research in their dungeons and chambers in the chill of the fall, under the spells of pure wickedness. The haunted houses are well worth the trip. When searching for a review, come visit the haunt yourself to make your own judgment. These attractions have been seen on the Weather Channel, The Travel Channel, Fangoria, and many of the local television, radio stations, newspapers, and magazines. Visit this haunted world of twisted and deranged haunted houses, forests, trails, farms, mazes, hotels, asylums, penitentiaries, castles, indoor and outdoor attractions. Michigan State is at the top of the haunt world and considered the area’s best for haunted attractions. Find the most innovative animatronics, scary monsters, creepy zombies, demented demons, creatures from the depths of the underworld, cutting edge technology and have your nightmares brought to life right here in Michigan. When searching for haunted houses online, Michigan is the haunt world best. Don’t wait for a review, go and check it out yourself!


Erebus Four Story Haunted Attraction known as the World’s Largest Haunted House from the Guinness World Book of Records, Erebus is located in Pontiac, Michigan. Erebus Four Story Haunted Attraction is a state of the art, animatronic hell that will test your every sense. Welcome to the underworld and take the most unique and terrifying path through the purgatory of Erebus Four Story Haunted House. Erebus will taunt your every sense, you will be grabbed, touched from above, attacked from below, you will climb stairs, test your fear of tight spaces, have your mind blown by the vortex that spins and messes with your sense of balance, walk through uneven floors, and even get buried alive. Zombies and monsters thrive on your screams and the adrenaline rushing through your warm blooded bodies. Erebus is four stories of horrific terror and once you see the vile acts in the underworld they will be burned into your psyche forever. Erebus is a place where nightmares of nightmares are present. Don’t wait, review Erebus Four Story Haunted House for yourself and see what you cannot un-see.


Night Terrors at Wiard’s Orchard is Michigan’s Premiere Haunted Thrill Park. Located in Ypsilanti, Michigan we put terror in your face! Thrills begin with six attractions that will give you the chills and nightmares to come. The Ultimate Haunted Barn was once a safe and most pleasant place for the apples once they were harvested. Unfortunately, a gruesome attack by a giant hungry bear on three apple thieves left behind a disgusting sight from their violent bloody demise. The thieves’ bodies’ torn limb from limb had been shredded in with the harvest. Once discovered the remains were left to rest and the The Ultimate Haunted Barn was boarded up for years until 1984 when it was opened out of necessity. The bloody history has been long forgotten by years, but not by the ones who died such a horrific death. Your encounter will leave you shaken, your nightmares eternally haunted. Visit The Mind Shaft which still holds the treasure from the past. Interested in venturing down The Mind Shaft past the stench of death and be tortured by the souls of miners who are trying to protect their stake? Danger is all around; will you find the treasure or fall victim to the terror inside The Mind Shaft? Help us solve the mystery which haunts The Asylum. The Asylum was once an alternative to the stark institutions run by the state of Michigan in the early 1900’s. As time went by, things began to change. Something sinister was seeping into the building and the mood changed. Eventually concerned family members removed their loved ones and only the criminally insane were left. The drop in the number of inhabitants meant staff cutbacks resulting in lessened security. During this period Dr. Wiard also began to go through personal changes. His intense contact with patients began to take its toll and his grip on reality slipped. When they found his family he had skinned them in the living room one fateful night a storm knocked out the power and the building went black. Neighbors heard screams coming from the direction of the Asylum but there was no light for miles so they were like spectres in the night. When daybreak came the police arrived to find the Asylum empty. No signs of scuffle, no blood, nothing. Not a single person was within and not a single person was found after. Will you discover the secrets inside The Asylum? Or will you become one of the many who have disappeared into the mystery that surrounds The Asylum? Enjoy freedom for a few generous moments before attempting The Labyrinth. The Labyrinth welcomes you into the darkness of night and only the moonlight to guide you through. Can you make it through, did you already go this way, and is this a dead end? The darkness taunts you with a glimmer of hope only to find you right back where you just came from. You think you know where to go, but do you every really know where you are going inside The Labyrinth? Take a leisurely ride on our hayride. Beware; there are stories that the woods are a haunted place where ghouls and ghosts stalk the night. Tempt your fate on the Hayride of the Lost. When the orchard moved to Merritt Rd they discovered a wagon-sized path cut through the backwoods. The previous owners hadn't mentioned it so they had no reason to avoid it. They started giving torch-lit rides on the path to neighbors and friends until the fateful night when something spooked the horses. The wagon was sent crashing into the trees and the riders were trapped underneath. The torches caught the wood on fire before anyone could get out. It was years after before anyone dared venture back there until one evening a trespasser tried to sneak onto the property. What he encountered along the path were the ghosts of all of the travelers the path had claimed before; doomed to never leave the woods and trying to capture any that dared come down their black trail. Terrified the man ran screaming towards the Wiard farmhouse. Mr. Wiard got a chuckle from the scared would-be thief's tale and thought others might enjoy a good fall scare based on the story the man had told him. It is just a story, right? Then venture to Alien Caged Clowns and learn why you should not bring some things home with you. Many years ago, a circus came through town and with it a sideshow. There was a bearded lady, conjoined twins, a strong man...all of the usual fare. One foreboding section of the sideshow was a tent marked "Alien Clowns". Mr. Wiard was intrigued and ventured into the tent. What he saw by lamplight were creatures that looked almost human but something about them was not quite right. The closer he got he saw crudely painted clown makeup had been applied to their mangled features. When he inquired as to what they were the attendant told him, in a thick accent, they were discovered in a South American cave and that the sideshow was having trouble keeping them fed recently. "Cattle, goats, cats...if it bleeds they'll eat it. We have trouble finding fresh food for them on the road.” It seems they have plenty of fresh meat now at the orchard. Night Terrors at Wiard’s Orchard are not recommended for children fewer than 10 since; “We Put Terror In Your Face!”


St. Lucifer’s Haunted Asylum in Grand Blanc Township, Michigan is Mid Michigan’s first Haunted Scream Park and on the list of top 20 haunts in the country. Saint Lucifer’s Haunted Asylum is one of the most intense and scariest haunted in the state. Saint Lucifer’s Haunted Asylum was once a mental asylum that held over 12,000 patients and 700 staff members who served them. Over the years mysterious and perplexing occurrences raised questions. This cutting-edge, psychiatric hospital, used electroshock therapy, but still the patients were biting their tongues off and the mortality rates increased rapidly. Under the facility in the 5 miles of underground tunnels, patients were curiously disappearing without explanation. Not only did these happen inside the walls of the facility, haunted, a nurse gouged her own eyes out after leaving employment at Saint Lucifer’s Asylum. A young boy awoke to a find the mark of Saint. Lucifer on his arm, later he discovered he had a twin who died at Saint Lucifer’s. With all the mysteries surrounding this place, the state deemed it evil and shut it down. Be one of the first to experience true fear! See the pure evil that radiates from this portal to all that is evil. Enhanced with professional animatronics, fog, sound and light effects will thrill and chill your every bone. Enter if you dare, leave before you become tangled in the mystery that surrounds Saint Lucifer’s Haunted Asylum!


Niles Haunted House Scream Park in Niles, Michigan, is six attractions in one insane Scream Park. This is no mere roadside attraction! Niles Haunted House Scream Park has 44 acres of the most terrifying adventure seeking to scare the yell out of you! Niles Haunted House is all new and welcomes you for a scare like no other. Brave the Haunted House and feel the sheer terror that is enslaved within its walls. Memory Manor is no Victorian B&B and has more in store for you than a restful night! Wandering the streets of an old western town you may find yourself trapped forevermore as one of the lost souls of the Ghostly Gallows. Looking to get lost? You will in our Field of Screams. Enjoy the Field of Screams with the Maniac Maze and all the creatures in the darkness of night? Think you know where you are going? Don’t be so sure for strobe lights and things that go bump in the night lurk within. Beware of the trolls when you cross the bridge. The price you pay might be your life! No ordinary hayride, the Dark Terror-Tory Haunted Hayride takes you on a ride of your life. You never know what you will find amongst the creatures searching for new victims to sacrifice. What terror is around the next corner-- will you make it out alive? Grab a bite before someone takes a bite out of you at the Howling’ Fun Food Concessions, visit the Gore Store, or watch the carnival like show in Zendor Presents: “TALENT SEARCH! Will you be the one?” for a scream of a good time.


Haunted Farm of Terror welcomes you to Lenox Township in Macomb County, to the Number 1, most intense Haunted House and Hayride in Michigan. Watch a horror movie on the 30” Big Screen around the bonfire, take a shot in the Live Zombie shoot, or escape into the Roadkill Cafe for our famous taco in a bag. Have you built up your courage yet to tempt the Haunted House & Hayride? The Haunted Farm of Terror makes your spine tingle and chills you to the core. Creepy during the day, once the sun goes down all the creatures and demons from the fires of hell begin to lurk about. Step by step they slowly reveal themselves, thirsting for warm blood and flesh of the living. They are drawn to the smell of adrenaline and fear pumping through the veins of possible victims. Screams draw the distant like flies to the fire. Once you enter and take the ride, you will never leave the same.

Crypt Haunted House at Chemco in Burton, Michigan is an in your face haunted house that will have you running for your life. Test your fears in claustrophobia as the walls come closing in on you. There is nothing like the Crypt Haunted House and you will never be the same. Laden with state-of-art special effects and actors beware of the crypt, for what lurks around the next corner could by your demise. Don’t wait for a review, check it out for yourself and see what you cannot un-see......


The Realm of Darkness Haunted House in Pontiac, Michigan welcomes you to a true haunted house and the portal below to the purgatory of hell. With the visit by Michigan Investigators of Supernatural Theory and Paranormal Investigators of Southwest Michigan, verification by both did not surprise us here at The Realm of Darkness Haunted House. We have seen some mysterious things happen and felt the hairs on our neck stand on end. The chill shot through your body while you are working here lets you know you are not alone. The legend of the Realm of Darkness Haunted House draws curiosity seekers from all over to experience firsthand the battle between the good and the most evil. Your choice throughout the haunted house will take you to the wizard at the end, but only if you choose wisely. Decisions, decisions. Answer correct to continue to your next level. The game you play with the wizard can win you valuable prizes. This most intense, euphoric depravity is only for the brave and not for the frail. Due to the intense nature of the haunt we definitely do not recommended it for small children. The Bone Yard is located in Stockbridge, Michigan…which is due west of Hell, Michigan. The Bone Yard is not for the faint at heart. On the dark quiet evenings during the fall harvest, when the chill is in the air, The Bone Yard which has contained 30 Acres of Soul Stealing, Heart Pounding, Mind Blowing entertainment comes alive once again. The horror can blur the lines between reality and the evils that have been harnessed throughout the year. Once the fall harvest has begun, all that is evil has become too powerful and must be released once more to wreak havoc on all enter the confines of The Bone Yard. Tempt your fate and join us to re-live the terrors of your nightmares all over again.


Enter the Tent of Terror Haunted House on your first horror movie adventure. If you don’t sleep with the lights on now, you will after the dark maze of mystery. Your deep down fear is brought to life and the horror from within twists your mind. You may enter with all your faculties but will you be able to continue to the Deadwood Forest Haunted Woods? What appears as a “relaxing” hayride takes you to the darkest entrance and the evils of the Deadwood Forest. What encounters will tempt your fate? The forest dwellers don’t take to kindly to visitors. Beware the entrance may seem easy; it is your exit that you should be concerned about. That is “if” you make it out alive!


Scarecrow Hollow Haunted Corn Maze is not a typical haunted corn maze. You need to move quickly. The evils that lurk, the eyes that stare through the corn, the creatures from within seek new victims. They thrive on the rush of adrenaline and thirst for the screams that echo throughout. Beware, for they seek to take you down and keep you with the fields of the Scarecrow Hollow Haunted Corn Maze forever!