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New Jersey offers some of the best haunted houses in the nation.  Marlboro Haunted House offers 4 attractions in one location. C. Casola Farms Haunted Hayride of Terror scares you out of your socks with The Haunted Wooded Trail, haunted Hayride of Terror, 3D Haunted Barn and The Living Maze. Travel to East Windsor and visit Field of Terror. New Jerseys haunted houses include Killer Kornfield, Zombie Attack haunted, and The Unknown Barn.


New Jersey is one of the original 13 colonies, is a state full of bloody gory history of many wars and the battles that have been fought. Many battles have been won and lost. This has left behind many angry spirits with missions to complete. New Jersey got its name from the Channel Island Jersey off Normandy. It was owned by a wealthy man from Britain. When New Jersey joined in the American Revolution, four of the most important violent and brutal battles were in: Trenton, Princeton, Monmouth, and Springfield. In 1776, the momentous Crossing of the Delaware River by George Washington and the famous battles that followed left many surprised, wounded, and either dead or surrendering to the Americans. War was gruesome and bloody, and the New Jersey settlers were tired of the stench of death which hung in the air and stained the land, as thousands of lives were lost. By the time the Civil War rang out and the call came for those to abolish slavery, New Jersey again heeded the call. Over 88,000 soldiers trained for the Union Army and went into battle. This time, they traveled to what was called the Eastern Theater. Away from their home, far from their families, in a strange location, they fought. Over 6,000 soldiers from New Jersey perished in the Civil War, countless numbers of those who returned came back disturbed. The visions of battle, dismemberment, amputation, disease, dysentery, starvation and death left souls unsettled. Lost souls which do not know they should have passed over wander aimlessly. These violent battles of the war were over the brutality of slavery and had grown to epic proportion. The Civil War was brutal and most times the soldiers would wish for the end to be near. Lack of food left many starving, lack of clothing left many cold, and the lack of medicine for injury left many with amputated limbs or die of the infection that followed. From the inner turmoil to the numerous violent battles, the souls left behind to complete missions, lost between life and death now roam New Jersey. New Jersey is well known in the haunt world for its portals of hell and the revengeful souls who live within its confines. The intense energy these souls expel, helps the living keep they at bay for the remainder of the year. Unfortunately, they must return to do their bidding as part of their mission in purgatory. Demons and messengers of the under-lord return to experiment and do research in their dungeons and chambers in the chill of the fall during the season of Halloween, under the spells of pure wickedness. New Jersey is home to many haunted attractions that are well known in the haunt world. These haunted houses are well worth the trip. These attractions have been seen on many of the local television and radio stations, magazines and newspapers. Visit this haunted world of twisted and deranged: haunted houses, forests, trails, farms, mazes, hotels, asylums, prisons, castles, indoor and outdoor attractions. New Jersey is a state at the top of the haunt world and considered the area’s best for haunted attractions. Find the most innovative animatronics, scary monsters, creepy zombies, demented demons, creatures from the depths of the under-world, cutting edge technology and have your nightmares brought to life right here in New Jersey. When searching for haunted houses online, New Jersey is just a click away. Don’t wait for a review, check them out for yourself.

C Casola Farms Haunted Hayride of Terror in Marlboro, New Jersey is one of these portals to all that is evil. After the sun sets and the sky become dark, the portal opens to release its captives. Take a walk into The Haunted Wooded Trail; each step deeper into the darkness takes you closer to the evils that lurk within. You can feel the powerful evil eyes of the creatures within the forest upon you and hear the pounding of your heart, thumping in your chest. Be quick and don’t linger too long for even we don’t know whether you will escape of become victim to the creatures in The Haunted Wooded Trail. Enjoy a hayride; well ours will take you through the back woods of New Jersey on the Hayride of Terror. The sounds of the backwoods come alive and the shadows come out at night with all the souls of the departed who have wandered into our woods and are lost for all eternity. Don’t be afraid, be terrified. Come in for a visit to The Haunted Barn; don’t fall behind for the terror from with these barn walls is just waiting to feast on the warm flesh and blood of new prey. The creatures are climbing the walls seeking an escape from The Haunted Barn but with the smell of new fresh warm blooded prey, they will be coming after you.... Take a walk through The Living Maze with all the twists and turns, this hellish maze will have you guessing the way out. Escape before you become a part of the living maze, for evil truly works in the most mysterious ways and once you enter, you may just never leave.

Field of Terror in East Windsor has the largest corn maze hayride event in New Jersey. Enter the Field of Terror and get lost in the 6 acre corn maze with new twists and surprises around every turn. Welcome on the haunted hayride to Terror Ridge and the depths of all that is evil. This could be the ride of your life or worse yet, your own mortality. Brave your every fear in the Unknown Haunted Barn. What do you fear, the Unknown taunts deep within your soul, all that send that spine tingling sensation up and down your body. This chilling event will unnerve the brave and have you hurrying for the exit where you think you are safe. Safety is never close by when the evil that lurks about. Attempt the all new Dementia for the most unique experience in cutting edge technology of 3D. Dementia is state-of-art twisted and demented attraction that will leave you wondering what is coming at you and what kind of tricks your mind is playing on you. Don’t wait for a review, check it out today! For those with children under 13 who want an easier fright, enjoy the 3 Acres of fun with the Flashlight maze; just bring your own flashlight and an adult to tag along. At the Field of Terror, we have something for everyBODY!

Night of Terror located at Creamy Acres Farms in Mullica Hill, New Jersey welcomes you to your nightmares coming to life. This multi attraction event gives you 13 reasons why the Night of Terror is a must see event. The wickedness and evil that lives inside the shallowest of souls are returning, upon the call from the living, they come from death for the most horrifying adventure in The Slaughter Cave. Frozen Tundra, Experience the Perfect Storm when you enter, the chill of what lurks from within, runs up and down your spine. You should fear the darkness and the creature from within, for they are your enemy. Where is it coming from, will you be its next prey, or escape with your life? Beware, for no one has ever returned the same, once they have visited the Frozen Tundra. 3D Funhouse invites you into this terror of a time with all the most crazy and insane who are looking to eat, I mean, greet you for the nightmare you dared to venture, and could be you own demise. 3D Funhouse is state-of-art, cutting edge technology that is incredible. It is a must see to believe professional attraction that you will be talking about. Like a nice hayride through the fields? The Ride of Terror Haunted Hayride at Night of Terror is an encounter with the creatures that come out after dark, searching for new victims for some gruesome experiments. They thirst for the blood curdling screams and come at you from every angle. Beware, we are infested with creatures from the underworld, and they are looking to take you back with them. Mayhem of Darkness, Step into the Dark and fear what you cannot see. All who have entered have disappeared into the darkness. Mayhem begins in the darkness and to find your way out is confusing. You will be lost in the craziness that happens in the Mayhem of Darkness. The Dreaded Cornfield Maze, Where the Scarecrows Roam contains the most monstrous tall corn, multiple doorways, hidden passages, creepy monsters, chainsaws, and thrills throughout. You will wonder if there is an escape or if you will ever make it out. The Dreaded Cornfield Maze is not for those who might be claustrophobic for you may lose your mind in search of freedom.

Corner of Chaos, Scream Acres, is located in East Windsor, New Jersey at the Corner-Copia Garden Center and Nursery. Our 75 Acres of Central New Jersey farmland features four attractions for you to scream out loud! Keep your family and friends close for you do not want to get lost with the evils and curses that are enslaved within the parameters of the Corner of Chaos, Scream Acres. The Straw Man welcomes you into the Trail of Treachery corn maze for a scream of your life. The Trail of Treachery is fun during the daylight hours but after the sun goes down, you will encounter the infamous residents who seek your breath of life and the screams that come from within your soul. Can you make it out the other side or will you get lost within the evils of the corn and become a permanent resident? Take a walk through the most unusual Wooded Wasteland. Beware of your footing and stay on the path for the ooze and the inhabitants are everywhere. The creatures from within the Wooded Wasteland are cannibalistic and seek fresh warm flesh and blood to satisfy their cravings. Secret stories of a Temple; buried deep in the woods and the frenzied creatures that dug their way up to the surface, have increased their insatiable desire for the most horrific revenge on those who enter their realm. The Butcher Brothers have cracked open the doors to the Barbaric Barnyard once more for a family reunion like no other. The Corner Farmhouse has been vacant for more than forty years for the land and family have been cursed. The reunion is on and our family is full of new deviants and degenerates who lurk around the Barbaric Barnyard. Take a walk on the wild side of our family reunion and if you are lucky, you may just escape with your own life as long as you don’t become dinner instead of a guest. Are your feet tired? Then take a load off and enjoy the “Legend of the Straw Man” on the Wicked Wagon Ride. Take a tour through the original ghost town and encounter the stories of long ago. We warn you that once you get on the wagon there is no getting off. The spirits within the haunted forest are blood thirsty and you will have to fend them off. These creatures on the Wicked Wagon Ride know the real stories of the past, for it is they who stirred up all the evil which seeks the smell of your terror and the screams that you cannot control. The screams also draw evils from around every corner. You never know what is around the next corner.

The Bulletproof Haunts Team presents Bane, at the Rockaway Mall in Rockaway, New Jersey. The Bane family story began as the fairytale home, deep within the woods, with the million dollar family; mom, dad, a son and a daughter; but a seemingly innocent incident changed everything. Little Jennifer Bane, the victim of an animal bite from her father’s experimental rabbits has transformed her from the most beautiful porcelain skinned innocent child into the most horrific sight to behold. Fear her, for she has become the horror of horrors. Your nightmares come alive with cinematic gore, loud noises, fog effects, realistic props, tight spaces and the depths of darkness in Bane. Beware for she is hungry for flesh and thirsty for the warm blood of her next victim. Experience Fear like never before in Bane! Bane, the newest and most terrifying haunted attraction in New Jersey, where we bring your nightmares to life! Don’t wait for a review, dare to test your own fears at Bane in Rockaway New Jersey at the Rockaway Mall.