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North Dakota know as a Midwest state began as part of the Louisiana Purchase and then became the Dakota Territory when it was sold from Napoleon Bonaparte to the United States. North Dakota was named for the Dakota Sioux American Indian tribes. When North Dakota was purchased, President Thomas Jefferson sent the “Louis and Clark Expedition” to explore the region. Fur trading posts were set up in the area due to the lucrative business and wealth fur trade provided. As the state grew due to the pioneers move westward, the population began to grow. North Dakota wanted to draw more settlers to the state so they sent our pamphlets. These contained literature to the ideals that North Dakota is a place for the American Dream, this state is a family place for the good and just, and beautiful like the garden of Eden. by 1910, the settlers came. With the railroads passing through the state, commerce flourished. The Midwest territory was mainly settled by the Germans and Russians. Escaping the persecution of their own country and the transition that was occurring immigrated more than 100,000 to the Midwest. Many of these groups formed very tight knit communities. They even tried to keep their language intact. During World War I, fearing persecution within the United States, they adopted English and saved their native languages for music and song. North Dakota became isolated from the rest of the country in the 1940’s in its opposition of the Cold War, the United Nations, the Truman Doctrine, Korean War, and any other American involvement over seas. They voted against everything. North Dakota and the political representatives feared Communism and world government. Fears that have hung over the state and continue to haunt the state continue today. The aging population no longer retire to the cities. There is no place for new families to begin farming or take over for the family business. This has forced the future families to move out from the country and either into the cities or out of the state. North Dakota land was purchased by the railroad from the US Government and resold to the farmers at a wholesale value. The farmers in turn are not selling their land for any expansion and growth. The state has not only isolated itself politically, but it is now stuck in growth too. North Dakota is a state stuck in the vortex of the evil, an evil that has hung over the state and created fear within the perimeter of the state. North Dakota has seen its share of fear and now is paying the price. A state rich in fear is now one of the areas’ best vortex of purgatory for the haunt world. North Dakota contains the spirits of many who’s deaths left angry spirits behind. North Dakota has a multitude of the scariest haunted houses, paranormal activity, haunted mazes, haunted hayrides, ghost tours, forests, attractions and more. North Dakota is a portal to the depths of the haunt world. Demons and messengers of the under-lord return to experiment and do research in their dungeons and chambers in the chill of the fall, under the spells of pure wickedness. North Dakota is home to haunted attractions that are well known in the haunt world. The haunted houses are well worth the trip. These attractions have been seen on local radio stations, television stations, magazines, and newspapers. Visit this haunted world of twisted and deranged: haunted houses, forests, trails, farms, hotels, asylums, mines, indoor and outdoor attractions. North Dakota in at the top of the haunt world and considered the area’s best haunted attractions. Find the most innovative animatronics, scary monsters, creepy zombies, demented demons, creatures from the depths of the underworld, cutting edge technology and have your nightmares brought to life right here in North Dakota. Don’t wait for a review, tempt your fear and see what you cannot un-see. The haunt world knows about the portals in North Dakota and the fears that have ruled the Midwest state.