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The Dent Schoolhouse - Cincinnati Ohio

It’s been said that true terror never dies. Legends and stories go on forever, being passed down through generations. Keeping the fear and the people involved, alive. And such is the way with Dent Schoolhouse in Cincinnati Ohio.

Built as the 12th schoolhouse for the area, children in grades Kindergarten through 12th received their education here. Throughout the years, many children came and went through these doors, leaving their imprint, but it was the children left behind where this story begins. 

In 1942 a young man named Charlie McFree was hired as the school’s janitor. Given the job of cleaning the school, Charlie didn’t take these tasks too lightly. Cleaning up the unruly and unwanted children instead, luring them into the dark basement to torture and murder these poor souls. 

Several children went missing this year, parents having no luck in their searches…writing the children off as runaways. Investigators acted on tips of foul odors coming from the basement, Charlie was able to thwart them by placing the blame on old rotting pipes.

Life eventually went on, and life went back to normal, and Charlie got that uncontrollable itch again. It was the year 1955 when more children went missing. Once again the focus was on Charlie and the terrible smells coming from the basement floorboards. Unable to write it off with an excuse this time, a search was conducted, and bodies of at least 7 of the children were found mangled, tortured and neatly hidden away behind the walls and floor. It was during this time that Charlie fled, leaving no trace, never to be found, and the school closed it’s doors…forever.  

Or so one would think…
In the early 2000’s the local boy scout troop used the schoolhouse as an annual haunted house fundraiser, until 2006, when avid yard haunters Bud and Chuck Stross and Josh Wells recognized a golden opportunity, to host a haunted attraction in a building with an evil history of it’s own. 

For the past 8 years, the Dent Schoolhouse has opened it’s doors each fall to welcome students in and teach them a lesson. One they won’t soon forget. 

A lesson in FEAR. 

For Bud, Chuck and Josh, school is always in session. Once doors close each season and the remaining victims have scurried out, brainstorming begins. New ideas, a keen eye for unique antiques and special props keep this one of the most heavily detailed and period correct haunts in the industry. Transporting visitors back to the year 1955 when the school was officially closed. 

Original artifacts and the rooms kept to their original state take visitors on a terrifying journey. 

Even Charlie has made it back home. He once again takes to his mop, lurking in the halls, beckoning for lost souls to join him in his torture chamber in the basement. 

And what a chamber it is. Decayed bodies lay scattered. Torture, madness and gore all lie beneath where only the brave dare to enter. Floors open up to reveal their dead and new for 2014, visitors will be able to walk through the walls – for that real jolt of terror. 

This unique attraction has earned it’s nationwide attention on shows like the Travel, and Discover Channel, USA Today and even the Huffington Post, among others. 

The real question however still exists…do you have what it takes to make it out alive? The Dent Schoolhouse is located at 5963 Harrison Avenue. Cincinnati OH 45248