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Size does matter here in Texas.  Texas Haunted Houses are over the top.  Haunted houses are scattered over the Lonestar State. Keeping Austin weird with House of Torment. Haunted Attraction Magazine and Travel Channel have given great reviews for Texas Haunted HousesHouston’s haunted houses include Screamworld and Nightmare on the Bayou.  Skull Cave, Jake’s Slaughterhouse, Edge of Darkness, Maze of Maniacs, and Zombie Graveyard will have you terrorized for hours of terror.  Many haunted houses in Fort Worth include Hangman’s House of Horrors and Cutting Edge Haunted House. Hangman’s House of Horror offers 4 attractions: Hangman’s House of Horror, Outbreak, 3-D Wonderland and Live bands. Arlington haunted houses are close and worth the trip to visit Zombie Manor Haunted House. Test your luck at the 13th Floor Haunted House in San Antonio.

Texas, the Lone Star State, is a state full of bloody gory history. The battles that were won and lost left many dead and plenty of angry spirits left behind with an ax to grind, and a mission to complete. We can imagine the pain of dismemberment and the horrific deaths experienced by these soldiers in our worst nightmare. Our worst nightmare is not even close to the living hell these soldiers observed on a daily basis. Over the course of many years, bloody wars occurred in order to maintain the Lone Star State of Texas. Wanted by the French, Spanish, and Mexican countries have led to many bloody battles, the stench of death all around left few options of disposal. The hot climate burned the smell of death into your brain. Bodies piled in heaps were burned which prevented an accurate number count of the lives lost. Texas is well known throughout our country for the Battle of the Alamo in San Antonio. The Battle of the Alamo lasted a strange and odd thirteen (13) days. Still no accurate number of deaths of those tortured soldiers left only remains left from the mountain on bodies burned. Who knows whether they were dead or alive when they were burned? Souls left behind to complete missions, lost between life and death, roam the Lone Star state of Texas. Souls have converged in the many haunted houses, paranormal activity, haunted mazes, haunted hayrides, ghost tours, attractions and more. Attracted by Halloween, they converge in the portals that are opened during Halloween. The intense energy they expel helps the living keep them at bay for the remainder of the year. Unfortunately, they must return and do their bidding as part of their mission in purgatory. Texas is a portal to the depths of the underworld. Demons and messengers of the under-lord return to experiment on the living. Hidden dungeons and chambers are opened under the pure evil and energy of the spirits who are unaware of how to cross over. Texas is home to the many haunted attractions that are well-known in the Haunt world. These attractions have been seen on The Weather Channel, The Travel Channel,, Haunted Attraction Magazine, Fangoria Magazine, and the local Television and Radio Stations. Visit the haunted world of twisted and deranged haunted houses, Thrill Parks, Manors, Bayous, Ranches, Chambers, Slaughterhouses, Trails, Woods, attractions and more. Find the most innovative animatronics, scary monsters, creepy zombies, demented demons, creatures from the depths of the underworld, cutting edge technology and bring your nightmares to life right here in Texas. When searching for haunted houses online, we are just a click away. Visit our homepage to start your search for haunted houses:


Screamworld in Houston, Texas is a haunted attraction of mind twisted, perverse, and torturous evil souls. Rated one of America's Best Haunts multiple years in a row, it is the area’s best in Houston. Screamworld is Houston's longest running haunted attraction. Bring your nightmares to life with Jake Slaughter, a butcher who has traveled the world in search of a father who abandoned him. Who knows why he settled here in Screamworld, Houston, but as the sun goes down, Jake arises with his followers to torture innocent victims. The Maze of Maniacs will entice you into thinking you know where you are headed but, the residents among the path will torment you until you are unnerved, for they are enslaved in Screamworld for eternity. Once you enter the Haunted Hotel there is no turning back! The Haunted Hotel is full of highly detailed scenes, animatronics, and members of Slaughters gang who are searching for warm, flesh and blood, for Jake's insatiable thirst. The Edge of Darkness is our traditional haunted house; beware for the creatures from within, lust revenge on the innocent and relive the brutal, violent battle for the life of Tobias Strange, the father whom abandoned his son, Jake. Jake's Slaughterhouse will take you back to a 1950's era slaughterhouse with the carcass' of beef, gutted hogs, half skinned deer, skinned dogs, body bags, and blood leeching all around. Be warned, Jake's seeks revenge on all who are not followers. He continues to enslave new victims and torture them as they shriek and run for their lives. Zombie Graveyard completes your journey. If you made it this far, do not let your guard down, courage is what you will need to find your way through the fog, haze, and the insatiable Psychos who rein in the graveyard. It might be their final chance to harvest warm blood for their monster of a leader, Jake Slaughter. Screamworld is rated the scariest haunted attraction in Houston by the Houston Chronicle, Houston Press, and, and this makes it the area’s best haunted attraction and well known in the haunt world. For a list of Haunted Houses in Texas you can go here: Haunted House Texas


TERRORPLEX Screampark in Mansfield, Texas houses a real haunted manor, Midnight Manor Texas haunted house. The National Ghost Hunters Association recorded ghosts throughout the house. This old Haunted Victorian Mansion we call Midnight Manor was declared a historical landmark and sat vacant for 75 years. Bodies of the missing were never found, yet the spirits are still alive, enslaved within the walls. Midnight Manor is a real fright for a spine tingling, chilling adventure through the halls. Infected Haunted House will test your skill to prevent yourself from becoming a statistic. The virus is very contagious and is spreading fast. Escape the flesh eating cadavers and help us in our quest. NEW in 2012, The Circus of the Dead. As a child, Dr. Morbid was terrified of clowns and anything related to the circus. Every year since he could remember, the Famous ZAMORA CIRCUS from Mexico would come to Mansfield. They would roll into town with the Wolf-Boy, Snake-Man, Fortune Tellers and a whole slew of sideshow performers, along with the Zamora Clowns. Legend has it that Dr. Morbid set up a "secret" Circus on the grounds of Midnight Manor and claimed it to be "The Circus of the Dead." Here, he terrorized members of the Zamora Circus and conducted awful experiments on them so he could learn to cope with his fears of Clowns and all things related to the Circus. Come see "The Circus of the Dead" for yourself and see what remains of Mexico's World Famous Zamora Circus. Limbo is an outdoor maze which places you in the middle. Stuck in purgatory, will you be able to twist and wind through the maze to escape this hell or be stuck forever in Limbo? Nightmare on the Bayou in Houston, Texas is located next the oldest graveyard in Houston. Inhabited by real spirits, it is hard to tell if you are getting scared by actors or real ghosts. Your illusion is blurred with the use of 3D glasses between what is real and what is not. Are you afraid of clowns, there is only one way to find out. Bring your nightmares to life and enjoy a heart pounding, chilling time on the Bayou.


Cutting Edge Haunted House, Guinness World Record Winner is a dark Halloween attraction located in a 100 year old abandoned meat packing plant in Dallas / Fort Worth, Texas. Cutting Edge is filled with amazing special effects, terrifying live actors, and incredible monsters. This intense, multi-story haunted house is widely considered to be one of the best Haunted Houses in the nation and is full of chilling detail and unbelievable scares! Come see what new horrors lurk in the twisting corridors of the Guinness World Record Winning Cutting Edge Haunted House. “An Experience you can only Hope to Forget.


House of Torment in Austin, Texas contains two haunted attractions in one. The Reckoning will take you to the apocalypse and the aftermath of world wide destruction. Where will you end up? Your fears will become reality. Not for the claustrophobic, this heart pounding, thrill seeking attraction will even bring the most seasoned haunter to their knees. You will not know which corner of the darkness you should be focused on. The terror of zombies, humans, or clones will tantalize even the best. The House of Torment is finely detailed, state-of-the-art, immensely scary haunted house in Austin, which is full of the most incredible professional actors in the area. Take a trip to Cursed Island. Your adventure with our blood thirsty pirates through the thick jungle and caverns are no challenge to the savages who live on here. Pure evil of these beasts will have you stepping into a temple of no return. The savage possessed pirates and their wicked comrades will take you into their world of tormented souls and tempt your evil from within. Experience the madness within the island of the Cursed. ZOMBIE MANOR Texas Haunted House is Dallas-Fort Worth’s most original & unique Halloween experience located in Arlington, Texas. We are the region’s original and only fully interactive total ZOMBIE attraction. Our highly detailed movie quality sets, stunning visual special effects and professionally trained interactive performers will place YOU in the middle of your own Hollywood horror movie. Can you escape the WALKING DEAD and survive the Zombie Apocalypse?


more about special events, ZOMBIE appearances, discounts and more…Don’t wait for a review, challenge your fears at Zombie Manor Haunted House today! Hangman’s House of Horrors -Hangman's House of Horrors is the top charity-benefiting haunted house in the WORLD! Located in Fort Worth, Texas, Hangman's includes FOUR haunted attractions staffed by over 200 zombies, monsters, victims and ghouls. Hangman's is especially proud of its reputation as a family-oriented “haunted funhouse" that specializes in disorienting, playful scares. The 3.3-acre festival area is filled with live bands, free karaoke, games, food and frightening fun!


Hangman's Haunted House Texas is featured annually on the Travel Channel’s “America’s Scariest Halloween Attractions” and has been recognized as a premiere Halloween attraction by, Family Circle magazine, the U.S. Commerce Association and dozens of media outlets throughout North Texas. The Dallas Morning News wrote, "Hangman’s is legendary. There’s literally something waiting around each corner and behind every door. Hundreds of characters bound out from all directions. The presentation is opulent!” Hangman's has generated $2 million for local charities, and is produced each season by La-De-Da Productions through the efforts of over 1000 extraordinary volunteers. Come on out and “hang” around with us!


3 HaunTs @ Heart Stopper Fright in Shepherd, TX shows No Mercy for the living. Three big separate attractions will stop your heart as you gasp for life looking for a terror free zone. 13 acres of Hell in the middle of nowhere houses "The Woods" of the Not so Dead! Darkness is your friend. It's what grabs you from the dark that you might worry about. Creatures feed on the screams of your unborn children as you try to make your way through "The "Maze" of Claws, Eyes and Teeth. Get lost; try to flee without a scratch, as many do not. Prey the blood you see is not your own.


“The House" of No Mercy! No early exits. Once inside..........No Mercy...... The Haunted House Texas in Caddo Mills was the scene of a more recent rash of missing locals. Locals we believed had disappeared with a circus that came to town. This we found to be a horrid part of a real local amusement park ride. Dismantled and tossed into a field, the ride is no more. However, the building is now opened to the public for the curiosity of outsiders needs to be quenched. The spirit still lives of the caretaker, murdered by the police, and the Spoils the Clown, who wander through the house looking for more victims to terrorize. Now the unseen brother of Spoils the Clown has come to take control of The Haunt House. Rigor T. Mortis and his raspy voice within the walls is looking for battle. Mysteriously, The Haunt House changes inside and that makes it more difficult to find the missing or dead. Don’t let your guard down, some of the many freaks may look harmless, but whatever they are thinking can be your undoing. The cold, calculating, blood thirsty creatures are all around and their mission is to become your worst nightmare. Rated by Haunt world as the number one in Texas, The Haunt House will give you what you are searching for......


HellMouth Hostel in Dallas, Texas was open to the weary traveler. It was easy to check in to the old church but many never checked out. Sounds from the depths below the church were unsettling. The graveyard out back was equally disturbing and a final destination for the obscure. The Hostel was opened by a woman, Sodda Von Hellmouth and her daughter, Sara who disappeared through a cursed mirror. This cursed mirror at first protected them from the ire but eventually trapped the evil souls for the under-lord below, forever. Only the truly pure souls will escape the terror from within the walls, all evil will be attracted by the creepiness and magnetic draw from Satan below. This magnetic attraction increases as the energy from hell below increases during the fall harvest. The energy must be let out, the mission of the dead must be completed. Cold and calculating, wicked and evil alike enter the realm we know as purgatory on earth, searching for more followers. Are you pure, or are you evil? Only one glance in the mirrors will let them know.