Utah Haunted Houses are all the buzz.  Salt Lake City haunted houses will have you screaming in the dark for hours while you visit all 4 attractions at Nightmare on 13th. 13 Levels of Fear, Dark Harvest, and Mutant all located at Nightmare on 13th.  Load up the car and visit Utah’s Haunted Houses.


Utah, the states name means “people of the mountains”, is a beautiful state with a horrid past. Settled by the Mormons pioneers in the mid 1800’s had to be built from the ground up. Due to the climate and nature of the state, everything had to be built around water. Homes, schools, churches, and farms were all placed close to the supply. Unfortunately as these settlements grew, the pioneers took from the land. The Native Americans hunted buffalo and used every part of the animal. They only took what they needed from the land. This allowed the numbers of buffalo to multiply and continue to be a major food source. The pioneers took this away. Their lack of respect for the animals left few, the Native Americans supply of food ran low and their land was taken. They again were being forced from their homes and land. Starvation ran amok and the Natives turned to doing anything to stay alive and feed their families. This caused many difficult times and deaths. Utah was a state far from the Civil War, but it had its own problems. The soldiers who laid in wait for a battle began to create their own. They would look for an excuse to be “in the action”. Soldiers attacked a wagon train from Arkansas that was traveling to California. The soldiers used some Native Americans as a ploy so the wagon train pioneers would think they were being attacked by the Natives. However, some saw the white men. The fighting lasted five days. Low on supplies, the leaders of the expedition allowed some of the militia men into their camp. To cover up their unprovoked attack, the militia men massacred 120 of the men, women, and children so there were no one remaining who could be witness to the horrific event called the Mountain Meadows Massacre. This is only one of the 100 different skirmishes that haunted the state for years. The Mormons continued to grow and flourish and the Natives continued to die. History in Utah has been written by two different sides with two different stories. Even the people who lived there had viewpoints that were not the same. The times dictated the daily horrors that colonization placed on the Native Americans and till this day, history is incomplete. Utah’s history has always circulated around the Mormons and their practice of polygamy. Statehood was denied multiple times. Statehood was only granted after the constitution included the banning of this practice. From the beautiful mountainous state, Utah had become a hell on earth with the destruction of the land and its people. With all the greed, destruction of the land, cruel way of life, Utah was opening portals to the under-lord below. From the tortured Native Americans, cruel militia who lost their lives looking to complete their mission, this left many restless souls wandering, lost between life and death, stuck in purgatory to eternally serve the under-lords every evil deed. Fortunately, their souls are gathered and kept restrained until their energy and anger release them from their bondage to let them roam free during the tenth month of every year after the fall harvest. Murdered, wounded, dismembered, cold and hungry have left these souls in purgatory to forever complete their mission. Souls have converged in the many haunted houses, haunted hayrides, haunted mazes, ghost tours, paranormal activity, attractions and more. Attracted by Halloween, they converge in the portals that are opened during Halloween. The intense energy they expel, helps the living keep them at bay for the remainder of the year. Unfortunately, they must return and do their bidding as part of their mission in purgatory. Utah is a portal the depths of the underworld. Demons and messengers of the under-lord return to experiment on the living. Hidden dungeons, mines, and chambers are opened under the pure evil and energy of the spirits who are unaware of how to cross over. Utah is home to the many haunted attractions and haunted houses that are well-known in the Haunt World. These attractions have been reviewed and see on local television, radio stations, and newspapers. Visit the haunted world of twisted and deranged haunted houses, forests, haunted manors, haunted caves, haunted farms and barns, haunted stables and trails, haunted mazes, attractions and more. Find the most innovative animatronics, scary monsters, creepy zombies, demented demons, crazed clowns, creatures from the depths of the underworld, cutting edge technology, and bring your nightmares to life right here in Utah. The history of Utah makes it the area's best haunt in the haunt world. When searching for haunted houses online, Utah is the haunt world favorite. Don’t wait for a review, check them out for yourself and bring your nightmares to life. Visit our homepage to start your search for haunted houses: http://hauntedhouse.com/


Nightmare on 13th, the Largest Haunted House in Utah, is located in Salt Lake City. A portal has opened and released the evils that are held until the tenth month of the calendar year. The evil energy has grown to a power we cannot continue to control. It has entered from the Nightmare on 13th and is here to terrorize until the power can be harnessed and contained for the rest of the year. The apocalypse is upon us in the Night of the Dead. Most nightmares fade when we wake, but this nightmare may never end. The dead seek the same fate for all the living and you are they prey. Be brave and stand together to defeat the horrors behind the walls of Night of the Dead. All who are on this realm of earth need to conquer this infestation before you fall victim to this evil. When the sun goes down, out from the shadows appear the creatures from the Realm of Darkness. They have become more powerful for years of exile has contained the anger and vengeance is now upon us. Released from the prison of darkness they fight for their right to exist in the Realm of Darkness. Join us and be the center of your own nightmare in Nightmare Theater . Nightmare Theater Haunted House in Utah will test the limits of your five senses and have you questioning what you see. We find euphoria in seeing your ultimate nightmare come to life in Nightmare on 13th. Featured in the Salt Lake Tribune, Fox 13 Now, CNN, Discovery Channel, NBC, ABC, USA Today, Deseret News, and Channel 2 we welcome you to the nightmare of your life at this Utah Haunted House. For a list of Haunted Houses in Utah you can go here