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Washington has some of the scariest and best haunted houses in the nation.  Washington haunted houses are situated in the city of Bremerton.  Bremerton includes Kitsap Haunted Fairgrounds.  While located just outside of the city they are well worth the trip. Staffed by 100 % of volunteers and proceeds go to a local charity. Make the journey with a light stick.  Bremerton haunted houses will amuse your inner child.


Washington, known as the “Evergreen State” for the beautiful trees, is a state with bloody and gory history. As our country was forming the brutality of our soldiers and the ignorance of the settlers continued to force the tribes to relocate and live on reservations. There were significant differences in the tribes the white man encountered here in Washington. The women in the tribes were more equal to the men. This was unusual for the settlers. They have always encountered the traditional tribes with the same ideals that they had. Here in the Oregon Territory the Native American hunted and farmed as equals. They were partially responsible for feeding the family too. At first they lived in harmony. As time went on, more and more colonists moved in Washington. The colonists forced the Natives to move onto reservations. Unfortunately, these same colonists brought their own sickness, the Native Americans contracted the viruses and this would wipe out many of them. Then gold was discovered on one of the reservation land. The miners in all their greed, wouldn’t care and then encroached on the reservation lands that were put aside for the Natives. This caused conflict. The Native tribes banded together and began fighting with the white man. This ended up being a blood bath. The white man now had a new weapon, the Springfield Model 1855 Rifle/Musket. The 500 or more yard distance was no match to the 50’ smoothbores. The soldiers bragged they lost no soldiers, while the Native tribes were massacred. The Battle of Four Lakes was not a fair fight and the natives succumb to the white man. Again, the Native Americans were forced back to what they had left of the reservations. Lumber industries were also drawn to these beautiful lands. Cutting swaths of trees left the land barren. The once beautiful lands now scarred. Seattle had become the main logging area of the state. “Doc” Maynard was the helped found the settlement. The settlers that came to such a remote location were not the same young families as most settlements, these were predominately strong young single men. Liquor, gambling and prostitution were a way of life. Doc felt that a well-organized prostitution was a functional part of the economy in Seattle. With this type of atmosphere, everyday life was a mayhem of work and play. Whatever you made, you went out and spent. Industry grew and grew. Seattle became the major trade port with Alaska, Tacoma for mining. Gold, silver, copper and lead were all treated here. The area that surrounds the Puget Sound became a huge industrial area. Boeing was one of the industries that grew out of industry of aeronautics. The large bombers were built here for World War I and World War II. The industry needed more employees. Recruited by the media, women came into the workforce in droves. The industry was hard. Shipbuilding also flourished. With the men off to war, 25% of the shipbuilders were women. Shipbuilding was considered one of the most dangerous industries to work in. This made the injury and fatality rates extremely high. From the small tight spaces, cutting and bending steel, welding, electrical systems, working on small platforms hundreds of feet high, left many injured, maimed, dismembered, or dead. Washington has seen the greed and brutality of the past and is now paying the price. Miners came by swarm from all over the world, for the hope of finding riches beyond their wildest dreams. Many of these dreams turned into nightmares. Many miners worked and spent their take, many died from starvation or the brutal violence of vigilantes. Washington became a portal to all that was evil, wicked, criminal, and brutal. The immense greed of industries destroyed the beautiful mountains and scarred the land. The surface of the land looked as if destruction was all that mattered and the evils of greed grew exponentially. Brothels, saloons, and gambling houses sprung up all around. Washington grew and grew and so did the number of people who perished from their greedy ways. The indigent bachelors became forever lost in gold fever while alive and then a more horrendous purgatory after death, eternally searching for their fortune. Washington is well known in the haunt world for the many souls who are lost between life and death, stuck in purgatory to eternally serve the under-lords every evil deed. The intense energy they expel, helps the living keep them at bay for the remainder of the year. Unfortunately, they must return and do the bidding as part of their mission in purgatory. Souls have converged on the many haunted houses, slaughterhouses, fields, haunted mazes, haunted hayrides, mines, ghost towns, paranormal activity, attractions and more. Attracted by Halloween, they have converged in the portals that are opened during Halloween. Find the most scary monsters, creepy zombies, demented demons, crazed clowns, creatures from the depths of the under-world, cutting edge technology, innovative animatronics, and bring your nightmares to life right here in Washington. When searching for haunted houses in Washington State online, the haunt world knows that Washington is a state with a horrific past. Don’t wait for a review, take a trip to your local portal for a test of your own courage and see the history that scars Washington. Visit our homepage to start your search for haunted houses:

Kitsap County Haunted Fairgrounds returns year after year as a Washington State haunted house welcoming guests to discover all the unusual sightings that have mysteriously occurred here. Somehow the most evil and sinister of creatures has found a portal from the underworld and it is located under the Kitsap County Haunted Fairgrounds in Bremerton, Washington. Mysteries surround these fairgrounds and all the creatures who have found the portal from below to the surface. As the season changes and the nights are extended during the months of harvest, the fog shrouds the fairgrounds. The eerie silence lingers in the air with all the tension that makes your spine tingle with anticipation. Outside the three buildings the most mysterious sounds can be heard. What is going on inside there so late at night. There should be silence. Upon your inspection, curiosity gets the better of you. You know what they say about curiosity and the cat. Before you know, screams fill the silence. The screams are your own. The chill of the fall air, along with the creatures from within, have you fearing for your own life. You have entered your own worst nightmare. What is going on in here, where have these creatures come from, what do they want, how do you escape your own nightmare? This place is haunted, these creatures are the scariest monsters you have ever encountered. Do you have the courage to seek the answers? Are you brave enough to enter the Kitsap County Haunted Fairgrounds when the sun sets and the shadows appear from your deepest, darkest nightmares? Don’t wait for a review, come on in to this Washington State haunted house and tempt your own fear. See what the haunt world already knows, Kitsap County Haunted Fairgrounds is the area’s best haunted house in Bremerton, Washington. For a list of Haunted Houses in Washington State you can go here: Haunted House Washington State