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West Virginia State was divided from Virginia by the Civil War. The decision of Virginia State to go with the Confederacy created a rift. The west part of Virginia was Union all the way. So as part of the original 13 colonies, West Virginia held the same development as the state of Virginia. This combined state of Virginia, split in two, separated families, brothers, and neighbors. West Virginia held ire for anyone who had sympathy for the Confederates. There was an unusual reaction and actions taken. Even years after the end of the Civil War, anyone who was a Confederate or held property of the Confederates could have their belongings confiscated. An anger that is disturbing still haunts West Virginia. Although the Civil War ended, the states did not truly separate. The courts battled over the cost of debts. After this lengthy forty-four year court battle, the state of West Virginia was given a price of $12,393,929.50 to settle this separation. In 1939 this debt was paid off. The years of battling between the states still hangs in the air. World War II brought resolve to West Virginia both economically and in the pride of sending 67,000 men and 1,000 women to help. The economy changed as they supplied the war efforts with an arsenal of munitions. However, was brings back the return of many lost souls. These souls have paid the price. Many souls, not knowing how to cross over or missions left to complete keep them in purgatory. This purgatory, lost between life and death, to serve the under-lord below. West Virginia has seen its share and now is paying the price. Our state rich in the evils of history is now one of the area’s best in the haunt world. Where ever you travel, the haunted houses and paranormal activity are plentiful. West Virginia is pivotal in the vortex of evils and in the history of our country. West Virginia contains the spirits of many whose deaths left angry spirits behind. Known for a multitude of the scariest haunted houses, paranormal activity, haunted mazes, haunted hayrides, ghost tours, paranormal activity, attractions and evil, West Virginia is a portal to the depths of the haunt world. Demons and messengers of the under-lord return to experiment and do research in their dungeons and chambers in the chill of the fall under the spells of pure wickedness. West Virginia is home to haunted attractions that are well known in the haunt world. The haunted houses are well worth the trip. These attractions have been seen on many of the local television, radio stations, newspapers, and magazines. Visit this haunted world of twisted and deranged haunted houses, forests, trails, farms, mazes, hotels, asylums, prisons, castles, indoor and outdoor attractions. West Virginia State is at the top of the haunt world and considered the area’s best for haunted attractions. Find the most innovative animatronics, scary monsters, creepy zombies, demented demons, creatures from the depths of the underworld, cutting edge technology and have your nightmares brought to life right here in West Virginia. When searching for haunted houses online, West Virginia is well known in the haunt world. Don’t wait for a review, come for a visit and check it out for yourself!