Ghostly Sugar Mill House

203 wood st
Sugar land, Texas 78666
United States

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203 Wood ST in Sugar Land. This house was build 100 years ago in 1915. It originally belonged to the old Sugar Mill and Housed M. R. Woods and his wife. The Sugar Mill's first engineer M. R. Wood designed the first school, served as school board president the first colored school was named after him and even had his own street named after him. There's not a lot of information on him for a good reason. My guess is the old Sugar Mill did some covering up. An old owner of the house reported some ghostly experiences while living in this house. They had many channelers and energy workers assess the house while they were there. Based on channeling and personal experiences this was their conclusion. M. R. Woods would lock his wife in the attic (what would have been the attic) it is now converted into an upstairs living space. Of course no one wants to go up there. Anytime anyone would go upstairs or touch the crawl space doors they would see, feel, or hear the woman. The left side of the house upstairs has a window, that's where the most activity takes place. Poor Mrs. Woods has no idea she can leave this house after being locked in the attic for so long. 


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