Haunted Mansion and Asylum 13

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Dates & Times of Operation: Sunday - Thursday | 6:30 p.m. to 10:30 p.m. Friday - Saturday | 6:30 p.m. - 11:30 p.m.

Ticket Information: General Admission (Two Attractions) for only $20, VIP (Jump the Line) for $30, Group Rates and discounts available for Military and Students. Check www.HMA13.com for details.

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Haunted Mansion and Asylum 13 - Where YOU become part of the nightmare.Haunted Mansion: Neglect, anger, rage and suicide are all ingredients in this houses dark secret.Asylum 13: The patients in this very unlucky mental ward need your assistance in freeing them from their torment.


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In 1899 Dr. HG Strandwood, husband to Margret Strandwood and father to little Jane Strandwood, retired from his distinguished position as the Chief Psychologist at Danvers State Hospital, also known as, The Danvers Lunatic Asylum. Strandwood retired because he did not agree with the practices and work ethic of the Asylum including their use of lobotomy procedures and electroshock therapy, to keep the patients "in line", he commonly referred to Danvers as "Hospital Hell." <P>Two years after Dr. Strandwood retired, he built his own mental institution...in his back yard. Since that time he was one of the most wealthiest men around and owned over 50 acres of land, he was able to afford such a task. Six months after opening Doctor S. was on his way up. He only had 13 patients, but he treated them as if they where his own children. Though HG was mere yards from his home, he detached himself even more from his family then when he worked at Danvers over 45 minutes from home. Dr. Strandwood invested near all of his time in the facility and it's patients. He even let them roam the fenced in property and enjoy the comforts of his home... His wife and daughter always feared for their lives but always kept quiet. <P>New years day...1902...midnight...Margret Strandwood suffocated her then 9 year old daughter Jane, then wearing her wedding dress, hung herself from a chandelier in the Strandwood Estates living room. Where was the good doctor during all this? Tending to his "children." Hours later Dr. Strandwood came into his home to clean up and wish his family a happy new year. Unbeknownst to him his family had perished...bodies cold...lifeless...sad. Instantly HG fell into a conscious coma, a zombie state if-you-will. Days went by and Strandwood just sat in his chair with a blank look on his face just staring at his wife and daughters bodies slowly decaying in the middle of the foyer floor. On the 4th day, Dr. HG Strandwood mustered up enough energy to gather his shotgun and a box shells, walked down to the Asylum, where at this point all his patients are in fits of rage for starved and way under medicated for nearly a week. Once thought in the doctors head was to just shoot himself and join his family on the other side. The other thought was to destroy, kill, eliminate the very thing that killed his family...the Asylum. He unlocked the Asylum doors, walked in, and before he could even make a decision about how to proceed, all 13 patients snapped and tore the distinguished doctor to pieces. <P>To this day no one knows what happened next. There are still a lot of unanswered questions about where the Strandwood 13 disappeared to. Strandwood Estates still lies dormant very quiet, very dark, very evil. Now the property is used for a kiddy haunted house.

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