Hauntville Haunted Houses

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1579 West River Road
Elyria, 44035
Online Only


Phone: 440-655-0016

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Dates & Times of Operation: September 27,2019 to November 2,2019 See website for Schedule Dates

Ticket Information: General Admission $25, VIP Fast Pass $35

Online Tickets Link: http://www.elyriahauntedhouse.com/tickets/

Hauntville will take you to the edge of insanity.... then push you off!

A whole new fear experiment, Hauntville Haunted Houses, Cleveland's Best Haunted House Experiance, located in Elyria,Ohio. 20 minutes from Cleveland.

Featuring Wicked Clowns in 4-D, Ohio's First 4-D Haunted House, There are 5 separate themed haunted houses in a full theatrical intertwined maze of terror! Cleveland's Best Haunted House Experience! Taking you to the edge of sanity...then push you off!

Described by some as a trip to a small town, lost in the middle of nowhere. Experience being lost in Hauntville Haunted Houses, Ohio's Scariest Haunted Houses.

5 Mind-blowing attractions.


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  • Wicked Clowns in 4-D
  • Cellblock 13
  • Psycho Manor
  • Wicked Clowns in 4-D
  • Wicked Clowns in 4-D
  • Wicked Clowns in 4-D
  • The Unknown

More Info About Hauntville Haunted Houses

Hauntville Haunted Houses, located at 1579 West River Road North, in Elyria, Ohio is 40,000 square feet of fear! Fully utilizing every square foot, for what is “Cleveland’s Best Haunted House Experience!” and proof to never judge a book by it’s cover. Hauntville Haunted Houses provides the visitor with a mental transportation to another place in time, “Leaving you feel as if you are really there, Lost somewhere in Hauntville ! Hauntville , a small town, lost in the middle of nowhere, forgotten by time, with many hidden secrets to discover. As you enter Hauntville town square, some of the mysteries start to come to light, but other dark secrets are hidden, and you will have to find your way through the winding mazes to discover what other secrets and terror await you inside Hauntville! Prepare for an adventure to the most terrifying haunted house in the world….your own imagination! Your imagination will be running scared, as you try to find your way through, the dark and disturbing pathway of “The Unknown”.Did you hear that? Is someone in here? Did you feel that? or was it all in your own mind? This creates a very unique experience for each visitor. Welcome to “The Unknown” Haunted Attraction, the gateway to Hauntville. CellBlock 13, A prison and Asylum facility, built to house some of the most dangerous and insane prisoners anywhere. The facility was built as a maximum security facility, to help protect the public and as a research facility for the criminally insane prisoners housed there. Can you find your way through CellBlock 13 and escape the maximum security facility, or be lost and become an inmate also? The Butcher Barn is home to the Willton family, and has been for many generations. The Willton farm is located on the far outside of Hauntville, lost deep in the Dark woods area, a place the people of Hauntville never go to. Visit the Butcher Barn and see if you can return! Remember the Butcher’s hook swings for you…..! Hauntville’s Psycho Manor, is an old creepy Victorian mansion on the hill, which is built next to the town’s cemetery and was the towns’ funeral home for many years, until something happened. Visit Psycho Manor, and find out what happened to Sara Whitfield, her five children and maybe find out where Benjamin Whitfield disappeared to. The Wicked Clowns are in town at the Hauntville Fair Grounds Wicked Clowns in 4-D is designed with new interactive technology using specially designed 3-D glasses, combined with 3-D environments and special effects all synchronized together to create a 3-D mind-Blowing experience. The process creates an intense and thrilling haunted 3-D environment and an exciting new way to get scared! Wicked Clowns in 4-D is a whole new kind of Clown themed Haunted House, that will provide you with a whole new unforgettable visual and sensory experience, you won’t forget! This is not a normal walk-through haunted attraction, with specifically designed ambient environments of five separate themed haunted attractions, titled “CellBlock 13“,” the Butcher Barn“, “Psycho Manor“, “The Unknown“ and “Wicked Clowns in 4-D“. Hauntville Haunted Houses created a whole new haunted house experience and theatrical production that must be experienced to be believed.

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