House of Torment Chicago

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8240 N. Austin Ave
Morton Grove, Illinois 60053
United States


Phone: (224) 888-1031

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Ticket Information: $19.99 & up, Get a Fast Pass or Skip the Line ticket!

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THE FRENZY: Chicago is on lockdown as uncovered secrets of the government and a contagion have come together to create panic in the streets. As subway tunnels have become the underground passage of the wary citizens, Morton Grove has been chosen as a lock-down zone to the bandits, rioters, and murderous maniacs unleashed by the chaos. But as the criminals went literally underground, they inadvertently unleashed the souls of the bodies hastily buried there at 8230 Austin Avenue. A gang of delinquents and villains, infested with evil spirits and armed with crude weapons, have become what many Chicagoans call “The Frenzy”. Will you make it through without becoming one of them or will you succumb?

NIGHTMARE HIGH: As The Frenzy is taking over Chicago, the high school kids have discovered problems of their own. The local high school in Morton Grove has been overrun by a horde of undead teenagers. It is rumored that a zombie cheerleader with hair the color of blood now rules the halls, and she carries a machete to prove it. Detention takes on a whole new meaning at this “Nightmare High”. They say should you find yourself trapped in this schoolhouse of the damned, stay calm, act like the dead, and you may escape unnoticed. If you do, don’t stop for even a moment to look over your shoulder, because if she sees you, there may be some horrid lessons you’ll have to learn. 


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More Info About House of Torment Chicago

This Hollywood­quality haunt features terrifying monsters and tormented souls from the underworld that are ready to horrify Chicago this fall. The legendary House of Torment, a multi­layered psychological thriller, is more like a trip through a modern horror movie than just a haunted house ­ with detailed sets, iconic characters and chilling environments. Make your way through this epic haunted house, don’t be surprised if the sets and characters begin to seem more real than your most vivid nightmares. But don’t let that stop you, an out of this world haunted house experience awaits you at House of Torment Haunted House Chicago!

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