White Haven Paranormal

Pennsylvania 18661
United States


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White Haven Paranormal is a team of paranormal investigators dedicated to paranormal research, the investigation of phenomena associated with haunting of paranormal, supernatural or preternatural nature and trying to keep local history alive. Our investigations encompass private residences, businesses, historic locations and local legend and lore. We choose to use techniques that will aid in the documentation of the phenomena using a variety of electronic and scientific equipment. The types of equipment used are not actually "ghost detectors" but tools that aide in measuring and recording environmental changes which can substantiate whether or not the activity being experienced is paranormal, supernatural or natural in origin. Once that determination is made, review of the evidence, research and documentation can provide correct identification of the source of the activity. At this point we can then assist in locating and providing the appropriate intervention for the client. All of our investigations are performed Free Of Charge.


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