Lynchburg's Haunted Home

250 Main St.
Lynchburg, Tennessee 37352
United States


Phone: 931-229-0051

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Dates & Times of Operation: October 22-31 & Nov. 6-7

Ticket Information: $20.00

Built sometime between 1809 and 1920, Lynchburg's Haunted Home has been host to enough business ventures to fill its halls, rooms, and darks spaces with more than a fair share of spooks, ghosts, and spectres.

The structure has, reportedly, served Lynchburg as a boarding house, Civil War hospital, and more recently a funeral home.

The roaming spirits have many stories to share, perhaps you'll discover a new one during your visit?

Lynchburg's Haunted Home is a self-guided tour featuring live actors and animatronics throughout the haunt, all designed with story in mind.  We want to immerse you in the world of our Haunt, one that is filled with the strange denizens awakened by the Reaper and the Mortician and their nefarious plans to bring fear alive!

During your experiences, we want you to know that we adhere to the golden one above all:
Treat others as you would like to be treated.

We ask that you thoroughly enjoy our Haunted Home but that you refrain from touching our actors, props, and spirits.

Our actors have been trained to provide you with the spookiest haunt you can find this side of the Mississippi, but they are also professional performers and they've been trained not to touch you either.  


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