RC Haunt

12798 Camassia Ct.
Rancho Cucamonga, California 91739
United States


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Zaphire Borghi thought he knew what he was doing when he started experimenting with radioactive isotopes. His parents had no idea what he was doing in his room late at night, until the night of the giant explosion! Two extremely dangerous radioactive isotopes caused unexpected chemical reactions and they began to produce a toxic gas that spread through the home. Hazmat crews were called in to deal with the situation, but every one of them that entered the home began to experience blurred vision that led to an eye infection that led to the loss of one or both eyes and/or blindness in all of it's victims. Now, no one will come to help and the toxic gas continues to build, causing unexpected facial deformities and brain damage. Many of the people that are now quarantined inside the house are now so psychotic that we strongly warn everyone who thinks that they can handle this year's haunt. They are everywhere. You should probably just stay away. We've tried our best to make this haunt fun and safe for everyone, but it's tough with all the toxic gas still circulating! Please enter our home at your own risk this year! It is extremely toxic. 


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