Nightmare Manor Pensacola Presents: The 11th Hour

168 Commercial Drive
Cantonment, Florida 32533
United States

Phone: (850)382-5036

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Dates & Times of Operation: October 29-31 Dark until 11:00pm

Ticket Information: free admission but donations are accepted


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More Info About Nightmare Manor Pensacola Presents: The 11th Hour

Nightmare Manor was built in 1762 in Bucharest, Romania. The large greystone structure was built of the salvaged remants of Count von Turk's castle that had been burned to the ground . Count von Turk was killed in the fire & all that was left of the castle was the greystone blocks. While being constructed several workers suffered various accidents & one worker died after falling from the rooftop. The manor was occupied for many years by the various nobility of Romania. In the late 1920's, The Romanian goverment had a new residence built for its nobility & Nightmare Manor was scheduled to be destroyed. At the time of the demolition, workers reported hearing & seeing that they could not describe. After these unexplained events, the workers believed the mansion was haunted & refused to continue the demolition. Many believe that spirits haunt the hall of this once proud place. A wealthy American by the name of Martin Trowbridge bought the manor & brought with him a crew to carefully disassemble each piece of the Nightmare Manor have it shipped back to the US. He settled on Pensacola because of its close proximity to his thriving lumber business. The manor was transported piece by piece on a ship to Pensacola. The construction of the manor didn't go as smoothly as Mr. Trowbridge had hoped for. The manor was to be put back together directly behind the family cementary. This was known locally as the Dead End Cemetary. While building the house workers reported hear screams & moans comming from some of the famous greystone blocks. This frightned the locals & made the construction of the manor slow considerably. The manor was finally reassembled at its current location of 5530 Glass Drive somewhere on or around 1932. Ten years later the lumber industry crumbled & Mr. Trowbridge retreated to the confines of Nightmare Manor. As his wealth dwindled, he became more & more of a recluse. Many of the local folk said that the thought of losing his fortune had driven Mr. Trowbridge to the breaking point. He was said to have went on a murder spree, killing all of the staff & then hanging himself in the study. The manor was purchased several times but no one has ever been able to stay in it for very long. According to local legend the ghosts of all the staff still haunt the halls of this once glorious mansion. It is said that you can sometimes even see the ghost of Mr, Trowbridge walking the halls of his home looking for his next victim. If you are up to it you can visit & take a tour of this historic manor & its grounds. Just be carefull & don't stray to far from your tourguide you might not make it out alive

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