Phobia Haunted Trails

Wilmington, North Carolina 28403
United States


Phone: 910-805-7552

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Phobia Haunted Trail is a haunted house attraction in Wilmington NC located at 3907 Shipyard Blvd.  The 2017 theme for Phobia Haunted trail is CarnEvil.  CarnEvil is 3 attractions in one.  It takes about 10 to 15 minutes to survive.  Phobia Haunted Trail is a Fall seasonal weekend attraction, check dates and times.  This is a live actor event.  You will experience scenes that some people find frightening and disturbing.  
Phobia Haunted Trail in Wilmington NC has scenes created to tap into your inner most fears.  Our guests will weave their way through the haunted trail and will be greeted by our live actors.  They will not touch you, but they will work to give you nightmares.  As you walk through the trail you will transition though various scenes sure to have you on edge not knowing where the next action will strike.  This year's attraction will have our guests play in CarnEvil, a circus event created by disgruntled clowns from the Circus' that have been shut down in recent years.  They are looking to get even.  



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