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The Nest Haunted House
Haunted House in Chandler
THE NEST returns ALL NEW and improved! Guests begin their Nightmare on Rawhide’s Main Street with a "Monster Midway" where they will be greeted by freakish characters that freely roam the grounds. The Midway will also feature concessions, beer, photo opportunities, things for the little ones and stunt shows .
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Chambers of Fear Haunted House
Haunted House in Surprise AZ
Chambers of Fear Haunted House Screams into 2012 with the addition of 2 ALL NEW and Spine-Chilling Attractions; HillBilly Nightmare & Den of Darkness complete the over 25,000+ Sq Ft of Terror for this season. 3 Haunted Houses, 1 Location.. Endless Screams!! 5 Min West of Arrowhead Mall on Bell Road.
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Crypt Haunted Attractions-Fiesta Mall
Haunted House in Mesa Arizona
2013 Crypt Haunted Attractions-All New Surprises�This Sept/Oct 2013 Return of �Nightmare Edition� �Even Evil Has Bad Dreams� One of Arizona�s longest running Haunted Houses, the Crypt and Asylum returns with all new SCARES to torment those who dare enter! New Attraction CHAOS maze�
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AZ Field Of Screams
Haunted House in Glendale Arizona
Corn field planted over an old cemetary, dare to enter, watch out for the living dead.

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Jack and Jills Haunted Hill
Haunted House in Glendale
Jack and Jill went up the hill but never came back down.....you might not either!!! Come to our 5th year of scares and see exactly why they were never seen again!!

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The Crypt Haunted Attraction
Haunted House in Chandler Arizona
The Crypt Haunted Attraction is now the featured attraction of DOOMTOWN at RAWHIDE Wild Horse Pass. Located just off the I-10 and Wild Horse Pass Boulevard. Next to Firebird Raceway and Gila River Casino. For more info visit www.hauntedaz.com

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Arizona Haunted House News

Arizona, the Grand Canyon State, is a state full of bloody gory history tainted by lies and greed.  Arizona has seen many battles which have been won and lost, left many dead and plenty of angry spirits left behind with missions to complete.   From the south, Tucson area, to the north Grand Canyon part of the state, daily life was a struggle.  From the extremely hot, dry summer days of heat, the stench of death is burned into their psyche and will forever torment their nightmares.  Missionaries built missions to hopefully convert the Native Americans to their own Roman Catholic faith.  These missions were started by the Spanish government.  Arizona is said to be rich in silver and copper, has attracted the European pioneers to settle and mine for these riches.  An announcement that the silver was just buried treasure scared many pioneers into leaving.  However, many stayed, became farmers and tried to migrate north.  They were prevented by the "desert people" or Tohono O'odham Native American, other tribes and the Apache who resided there.  The Native American Indians raided the villages for the livestock; many times the farmers were killed defending their property.  Arizona was a state that has had its ownership passed around for years until a defined border was drawn.  Wars have brought destruction, murder, death, dismemberment, and evil to draw in the spirits.  American Indians have had to fend for their own property, lives, and families.  Cochise was the Apache Chief during a particularly horribly violent bloody time in Arizona history.  Falsely imprisoned, he escaped from his captors multiple times to renew his resistance of the US Army.  Native Americans torn from their homes and families created a hatred for the American Army and all those who supported their ideals.  Even the different tribes of Apache fought amongst themselves.  All who traveled through the state feared the Apache, the name which means "enemy". All the soldiers, American Indians, and pioneers souls left behind looking to complete their mission, lost between life and death, stuck in purgatory to eternally serve the under-lords every evil deed.  Arizona is well known to the haunt world.  The intense energy they expel helps the living keep them at bay for the remainder of the year.  Unfortunately, they must return and do their bidding as part of their mission in purgatory.  Souls have converged in the many haunted houses, slaughterhouses, fields, haunted mazes, haunted hayrides, ghost tours, ghost towns, paranormal activity, attractions and more.  Attracted by Halloween, they have converged in the portals that are opened during Halloween. Find the most innovative animatronics, scary monsters, creepy zombies, demented demons, crazed clowns, creatures from the depths of the underworld, cutting edge technology, and bring your nightmares to life right here in Arizona.  When searching for a haunted house online, we are just a click away.


The Nest Haunted House is based on a real life event of a gruesome serial killer from 1945 who is believed to have killed and mutilated more than 30 people after his step-father, in a drunken rage, grabbed his sister "Sissy" and threw her to the ground.  Her head snapped against a large rock and she died instantly.   Jacob stood 6'4" at the age of fifteen, his younger sister Melissa, "Sissy" died at the young age of ten.  A year of anger and voices telling him to commit evil violent acts was released and Jacob is said to commit horrific murders on all in his path.  He dismembered his step father, bludgeoned his mother, and mutilated neighbors, the countless others murdered when he lost control, numbers not definitely known.  The count around thirty tormented everyone.  The town’s people took the law into their own hands and created a vigilante group who hunted Jacob, cornered him, and violently killed him.  Jacob swore vengeance on the town and now, decades later, he has returned to The Nest.  The Nest, in Chandler, Arizona offers the opportunity to visit Jacob's realm and experience what lead him to become the most notorious Arizona serial killer.  Bleak uses the absence of light as a weapon of choice through the labyrinth of pure darkness.  Turmoil 3D haunted house is a madhouse brought to life with sound, illusion, and some crazed clowns to torment you with sensory overload.  Mirror Mania and The Graveyard will ease you into the dreadful evening activities as you enter our graveyard.  Will you ever be prepared for the flying ghosts, statues brought to life or nightmares you may never forget?  Welcome to the horrible world of Jacob Kell.  The Nest is a portal from the underworld which opens under the pure evil energy which needs to be released on the tenth month of every year. 

Bucklew Farm Terror in the Corn  located in Tucson, Arizona, is all new every year.  Just 30 minutes from downtown Tucson, you will experience the fear in the darkness of night and the evil that lurks from within the maze.  Terror in the Corn Combo includes both The Haunted Cornfield and The Corn Maze.  The Haunted Cornfield is home to the many creatures that are enslaved in the portal to the underworld during the year.  However, when the fall harvest time is amongst us, the evil energy must be expelled and the spirits come out looking to scare the living above.  This heart pounding adventure is not for the faint at heart and children under 12 are only admitted with an adult.  The Corn Maze will mesmerize you with the unending twists and turns. The Corn Maze will test your strategy with checkpoints throughout so you can gauge your success or shows how truly lost you are.   The four miles and eleven acres of corn is an exciting time for all.  Beware for the haunt world knows this portal opens and the souls are just dying to get out!

13th Floor Haunted House is an unusual location found right here in Phoenix, Arizona.  The legends of the many high rise buildings and the mysterious missing 13th floors have been questioned for years.  The Otis elevator company reports that almost 85% of buildings do not have a 13th floor, or do they.  What happens on the 13th floor? What strange mysteries have been discovered on this floor?  When buildings were built with this floor, many people would not live there because of superstition or just fear out of the many stories that have plagued communities worldwide.  The haunt world is very familiar with these stories, as the 13th floor of many buildings DOES exist and they have become portals for all we know as pure evil.  13th Floor Haunted House is a mystery in itself and the current residents: specters, creatures, monsters, and zombies alike find their solace here.  The twists and turns of the 13th floor will have you believe you are lost in the maze of uncertainty.  The creepy residents have to release their negative energy on the souls who attempt the fate and face the fears.   Step inside and take a ride through the unusual oddities of the 13th floor phenomena and see what makes this one of the strange mysteries of our time.  For a new innovation in fear, Zombieland Haunted House will test your fears of zombies and creatures.  If you have ever seen a zombie movie, you are now in one.  Zombies are all around, you think you are safe and then you realize they are still coming after you.  They smell your fear, your heart pounding, blood rushing fear, and they desire you become one of them......Will you escape, become one of them, or get lost in the maze you were not expecting?   The 13th Floor Haunted House is well known in the haunt world and by other haunted houses.  

CHAMBERS OF FEAR Haunted House is located in Surprise, Arizona, has many new and terrifying scares awaiting its visitors this season.  From the moment you enter this forbidden realm you know you're in for the Fright of your life. Will you be able to survive the Zombie's Lair? Most don't. Enter the Mummy's Tomb and experience the Pharaoh’s Wrath... if the Mummy doesn’t get you, the snake infested catacombs surely will.  Even the bravest of souls will be tested in a house of horrors that will leave you screaming and your heart racing.  If you survive CHAMBERS OF FEAR and can make it to the exit and think you are finally safe... that is when you realize you may have made a wrong turn. HILLBILLY NIGHTMARE is waiting for you.  Enter a Government Nuclear testing zone closed to the public and supposedly empty. Cannibalistic inhabitants grossly disfigured from in-breeding and toxic waste will hunt and stalk you from the moment you enter. Experience the ultimate fear as you try and escape their tricks and traps waiting around every corner.  Do you fear the dark? DEN OF DARKNESS is an attraction designed to play on that fear.  You must feel your way through a web of twists and turns in a black-out attraction like no other.

Snakes, spiders, insect infestations and other creepy crawlies are not the only things you will encounter within this heart pounding haunted attraction.  Is that someone or something standing in front of you or is it just your imagination?  If you’re afraid of the dark - do not enter! Come out and enjoy a night of Fun and Fright at Arizona's #1 rated Haunted Attraction by the Arizona Republic in 2011.  Chambers of Fear Haunted House is located just 5 minutes West of Arrowhead Mall on Bell Road in the Bell Mar Plaza.  Chambers of Fear is a short drive from Phoenix, Glendale, and Peoria.  Chambers of Fear, a haunt world favorite you won’t forget. We look forward to scaring you!


Fear Farm Haunted House is the scariest Best Haunted House in Phoenix, Arizona!  All You Fear Is Here!  Celebrate our 13th Year with a never ending nightmare of a time.  Chainsaw Mayhem welcomes you into the home of the resident murderer being trained to inflict pain on those who enter his realm of evil.  The twisted mind has not parameter for mutilation for he seeks his thrill in making his victims less capable to defend themselves. His weapon of choice is the one you fear the most, beware of the Chainsaw for the spatter of blood is everywhere.  Will it be your turn to become his next victim in Chainsaw Mayhem or make it out alive?   As the end of the world grows every closer you enter the trail to the Apocalypse.  This trail leads to the catastrophic destruction and violent end to the world as we know it.  Will you survive this dark and dramatic moment in time?  The final days are upon us in the Apocalypse. Plagues, famine, earthquakes, war and suffering of disaster are coming.  Are you prepared?  How will you survive? 
A plague has Condemned a small town with insanity and mayhem.  A mysterious toxin has contaminated the food and water in this small town and turned all the town folk into the most ravenous undead. The military is on hand to help visitors escape the insanity.  Don’t drink the water! 

There is a strange breed of flesh eating predators that have been found on a local farm.  It all started when a huge cavern was found and an expedition organized in the 1960’s.  It all turned from a fun expedition of curious scientists to being trapped and succumbing to the mutations that turned the scientists to predators themselves.    Decimation is the ultimate experience of predator against the military units that fight to keep these out of control creatures within the confines.  And what the world would experience if they were ever to escape. The fear has been awakened to Decimation

Once a place of childhood enjoyment and dreams, the Toy Factory has fallen to all that is evil and twizted; into where nightmares come true.  The Toy Factory is manufacturing the most maniacal and disturbing toys and novelty items for their twizted amusement.  Whatever parts are available can become a new, sick, twizted, and insane nightmare of a toy, even with human parts.  Beware for the evil can turn against you; for your favorite toy may become your worst nightmare.  For the evil is contagious; the toys now seek for you to join and become one of the new twizted maniacal and disturbing toys.  Will you become one of them or escape the horror of the Toy Factory?

Take the challenge of our Corn Maze.  Six spectacular acres full of twists and turns, dead ends and corn, lots of corn.  Are you directionally challenged or do you know someone who thinks they are not?  Corn Maze is fun for the entire family.  Come on in and get lost!