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Big Worm's Sherwood Scare
Haunted House in Northridge C
We're using our combined skills as filmmakers and craftsmen to build a full scale (3500 sq ft), immersive haunted house experience for the Halloween season! All donations will benefit Big Worm's CF Foundation.

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California Haunted House News

California is known as “The Golden State”, for the 1949 gold rush. The rampage was on, for the tens of thousands of people who flocked to California to “strike it rich”. One day you were dirt poor, the next you could be a millionaire. The travelers came by foot, covered wagon, or overseas in search of the riches they so desired. It was not always the miner who struck it rich, many of the wealthy were from the businesses with supplies for the miners. From clothing to pans, wood to food, these entrepreneurs brought about many of the companies that are still in business today. The others who just came to mine for gold, found the days long and the many unfortunate, became criminals just to survive. The estimates of the deaths of the unsuccessful were incredibly high, within six months 1 in 5 miners died. Lawlessness and racism amongst cultures were all around and you always needed to be up to any task. If you found gold, you needed to keep quiet for many would kill you, claim your stake, and steal your gold. Even the Native Americans were forced off of their land by foreigners to make way for mining or enslaved to work for them. It is believed that almost 100,000 American Indians died in the years of cruel brutality and violence that greed for wealth brought upon California. Miners came by swarm from all over the world, for the hope of finding riches beyond their wildest dreams. Many of these dreams turned into nightmares. Many miners found nothing and died from starvation or the brutal violence of vigilantes. California became a portal to all that was evil, wicked, criminal, and brutal. The mining went from panning for gold to using hydraulic equipment to mine for the precious metal. The immense greed of these companies destroyed the beautiful mountains and scarred the land. The surface of the land looked as if destruction was all that mattered and the evils of greed grew exponentially. Brothels, saloons, and gambling houses sprung up all around. The “California Dream” grew and grew and so did the number of people who perished from their greedy ways. The indigent people became forever lost in gold fever while alive and then a more horrendous purgatory after death, eternally searching for their claim. California is well known in the haunt world for the many souls who are lost between life and death, stuck in purgatory to eternally serve the under-lords every evil deed. The intense energy they expel helps the living keep them at bay for the remainder of the year. Unfortunately, they must return and do the bidding as part of their mission in purgatory. Souls have converged on the many haunted houses, slaughterhouses, fields, haunted mazes, haunted hayrides, mines, ghost towns, paranormal activity, attractions and more. Attracted by Halloween, they have converged in the portals that are opened during Halloween. Find the most scary monsters, creepy zombies, demented demons, crazed clowns, creatures from the depths of the under-world, cutting edge technology, innovative animatronics, and bring your nightmares to life right here in California. When searching for haunted houses online, the haunt world knows that California is a state with a horrific past. Visit our homepage to start your search for haunted houses: http://hauntedhouse.com/

Los Angeles Haunted Hayride - located at the old zoo in Griffith Park, Los Angeles, will show you that there is nothing scarier than the darkness of the woods at night at this Los Angeles haunted house. When the sun goes down, nightmares come to life. Nightmares are taken from the story of the Clifton Family, whom once resided on the property which is documented to be a real paranormally active site. Each year guests are taken deeper into the story of The Clifton’s and their terrors are brought to life in the Haunted Hayride. In earlier years, the Haunted Hayride took us to the church massacre: the night a fire erupted in the church that was built in an attempt to exercise the evil from the grounds killing everyone inside. Then, we saw the nightmares of Clifton Twin daughters which were so gruesome and graphic; they were treated mentally. This year will be the prequel to all previous years and show you what was happening on the grounds just days before that fateful night when the church doors locked and erupted into flames killing the congregation of people inside. Welcome to the Haunted Hayride, “The Congregation” a bone chilling indescribable journey that will bear witness to the evil on this property and the terrifying cults that emerged. What was taking place that was so terrifying to the community that they erected a church to save them? What did the reports of “strange behavior” by the residents really mean? Why did the Clifton Family who was solely responsible for the care of the grounds seem so cursed? You just have to experience it to understand the story that keeps getting more horrifying, Get lost in The In Between (Maze), darkness like you have never experienced before. Your way is lighted with a low voltage light, too dim to see your way through. Many twist and turn into dead ends and circles makes this amazing journey a quest for your freedom. Inside the haunted house in Los Angeles walls lurks the master of the house, Mr. Veeder who has a one track mind, to keep the oversized creatures in The In Between (Maze) fed. Darkness all around and the only light draws the creatures to the lamp holder, like flies to a flame. Do you have the courage to make it through or will you have a run in with Mr. Veeder? ”Purgatory” takes you back in time to our side show. Our collection of humans entertain you with black magic, psychics tell your future, demonic stilt walkers perform, House of Mirrors and the Scary-Go-Round will dizzy, along with carnival food and games to keep you entertained while you’re in line or after you have experienced the Haunted Hayride and The In Between (Maze), should you make it out. For a list of Haunted Houses in Los Angeles you can go here: Haunted House Los Angeles </span>

Fear Overload Haunted Houses in the San Francisco Bay Area - located in San Leandro, California, Fear Overload is a high shock haunted house attraction. This October, Fear Overload brings you two brand new haunted houses, made by the creators of the 2011 haunts which were voted the scariest in California by HauntWorld. Fear Overload’s mastermind, Polanco, reveals information about one of their new haunted houses, “The closed-down Insane Asylum has been all over the news recently. After two officers were slaughtered in the asylum while investigating noise complaints, the town has been up in arms and frantically asking questions. But no one is brave enough to enter. This October, you have the chance to experience the unknown in this truly horrifying attraction” Polanco exclaims. “We specialize in the ridiculous.”</span>

In 2011, Fear Overload was awarded for its quality and scare factor. This year, they plan to take their haunted attractions to a new level of fear. “Our design team works all year long creating the most intricate scenes. And this year, we have far outstretched our limits.” Polanco ensures that his new scenes will send chills through your spine, should you choose to enter Fear Overload this October. For more information, dates, and tickets, please visit the Los Angeles haunted house website at www.fearoverload.com