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The Amity Road Horror
Haunted House in Bethany ct
Connecticuts newest haunted attraction. Located in the woods of rural Bethany, CT. Be prepared to get the fright of your life! Come see for your self!

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The Haunted Graveyard
Haunted House in Bristol CT
Featured on The Travel Channel and over forty-five minutes long, The Haunted Graveyard is New England's Largest Haunted Attraction! Located at Lake Compounce in Bristol, CT; Over 200 actors are waiting for you inside the haunt, do you dare attend?

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The Haunted Isle
Haunted House in East Haven Ct.
Legend has it that somewhere in the woods behind the Trolley Museum, lurk the things that nightmares are made of. This fall, a trolley will carry passengers down the tracks to the gate.

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The Only Scream In Town
Haunted House in North Haven
5 scares in 1! No such thing as malpractice at the CT Dedical Center. The guests are the stew in Redneck Rampage. Evil has broken through the Abyss Family Manor. Watch for the twists & body parts on the Gore Carts. Attempt the par 666 Thriller Mini Golf!

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Connecticut Haunted House News

Connecticut is one of the original 13 colonies, an unusual superstitious number and the cruel beginning in the history of this state. Even before the Salem Witch trials, Connecticut had its own witches to contend with. Mostly women were accused and convicted of “uncleanliness with men and Devils”, and sentenced to death by public hanging. Some witches were fortunate to be banned from the colony or fled for their very lives. Witch trials were usually coerced and under force of torture until the victim or “witch” confessed to “being familiar with the devil”. Often, both husband and wife were hanged together for they wanted no trace left behind of this wickedness. These trials only needed one person to accuse of witchcraft or familiarity with the devil. Fears ruled the colonists until the law was changed in 1662 to require at least two witnesses see the acts of witchcraft which was considered the most evil of crimes. The courts needed to review the original situation, because fear of reprisal and the unfairness of a single witness may have tainted the truth and unjustly reviews put many to death. Connecticut’s Governor, John Winthrop Jr, overturned or acquitted many of these existing verdicts. But for those who perished before his review, began the unending purgatory for those lost between life and death, still looking for revenge for their untimely deaths. Connecticut is known for Mark Twain, Eli Whitney, and Harriet Beecher Stowe but also for men like Benedict Arnold, a name synonymous with being a traitor. Benedict Arnold held contempt for his superior, a general and constantly disobeyed orders. He began fighting for the American Continental Army and switched sides to fight for the British Empire. This is truly an act of dishonor. Connecticut has become a vortex for the evils from the under-lord below. From Hartford to New Haven, New London to Norwich these lost tortured souls are looking to complete their mission, lost between life and death, stuck in purgatory to eternally serve the under-lords every evil deed.


Connecticut is well known to the haunt world. The intense energy they expel helps the living keep them at bay for the remainder of the year. Unfortunately, they must return to do their bidding as part of their mission in purgatory. Souls have converged in the many haunted houses, slaughterhouses, fields, haunted mazes, haunted hayrides, trails, woods, ghost tours, paranormal activity, attractions and more. Attracted by Halloween, they have converged in the portals that are opened during Halloween. Find the most innovative animatronics, scary monsters, creepy zombies, demented demons, crazed clowns, creatures from the depths of the under-world, cutting edge technology, and bring your nightmares to life right here in Connecticut. When searching for haunted houses online, Connecticut is a very well-known portal to the haunt world.


Dark Manor Haunted House - Where Terror Lives is located at exit 83 off I-395, in Norwich Connecticut. Entering the gates to The Manor is easy; winding through the musty maze of darkness is difficult. The terror inside this portal, to all that is evil, has opened and the creatures are looking to get your heart pumping to its full capacity and they crave the sound of terror in your screams. The Manor is two floors of fright, special effects, and mazes to take you to the edge. When you think you have a chance to catch your breath you are now ready to enter The Graveyard and Haunted Village, but beware for the enslaved inhabitants are not interested in peace and quiet, they love nothing more than mayhem and confusion. There are no treats for Halloween here, we bring out the best of the most evil terror for the harvest has begun and you are on the list to be harvested for your warm flesh and blood. This event is not for the faint of heart, pacemakers, pregnant women and young children heed our warning but if you dare..... It will be at your own risk.


Trail of Terror in Wallingford, Connecticut, has been a portal to the many creatures that come out at night. Once you enter the woods, everyone can hear you scream, but no one can help. There is nowhere to run, for you never know what or who you will run into next. Can you conquer the darkness, fight your fears, and make it through with your life? Are you up to the challenge in the woods at night, or will you fall victim to the characters of lost souls who have been enslaved in the horrors of the woods, stuck in the purgatory of their bidding, forever searching for revenge, lusting to become your worst nightmare. They wait for you to tempt your courage, test your fears, and dare you friends to the challenge of entering their maze of the damned with little chance of escape. The Trail of Terror has been CT Magazine’s “Best of Connecticut” and THE place to be every fall when the chill in the air matches the thrill of the trail. Come to the scariest haunt in New England and test your courage. Known as the area’s best haunted attraction and well known to the inhabitants of the haunt world, Trail of Terror is a nightmare clinic you don’t want to miss.