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Frightmares Haunted Houses
Haunted House in Sarasota Florida
Brace yourself! Frightmares Haunted House returns in 2013 to the Sarasota Fairgrounds for its biggest, baddest and most extreme Halloween season ever! This year, Frightmares becomes one of the largest haunted attractions in Southwest Florida!

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Haunted History in Palm Bay
Haunted House in Plam Bay
A guided haunted history tour featuring scenes from such classics as Frankenstein all the way to a walk through Calypso's shack from Pirates of the Caribbean. Fun for the whole Family. For Families with younger members we have a "lights on" Fun tours available upon request.

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Haunted Trail & Peek A Boo Path
Haunted House in Panama City Fl.
The Science & Discovery Center would like to extend our deepest regrets in announcing that there will be no Haunted trail & Peek A Boo Path this year.

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Hellview Cemetery
Haunted House in Saint Petersburg FL
Saint Petersburg's largest yard haunt. Now going into it's 15th year. Zombies, were-wolves, phantoms, and things that go bump in the night. Can you escape from Hellview?

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House of Fright
Haunted House in Spring Hill FL
Sorry...This event has been cancelled.

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Newton's Haunts ~ MIDWAY MASSACRE
Haunted House in St.Pete / Gulfport
Midway Massacre Four Days Only! Come one, Come all, Come be a part of the Bloodiest Show on Earth! The Funds raised by MIDWAY MASSACRE will be donated to The PINELLAS PARK FIRE DEPARTMENT'S FIRE EXPLORERS Post 945

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Pandemic Haunted Attractions
Haunted House in Jacksonville

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Pandemic haunted Attractions
Haunted House in Jacksonville
Pandemic Haunted Attractions presents The Haunting of School House 4. Pandemic Haunted Attractions is bringing a Jacksonville Urban legend to Life. Come to our Haunted School House @ 11112-28 San Jose Blvd nest to the Mandarin Ale House

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Possessed University
Haunted House in Lauderhill
A covenant of four amateur witches stumbled upon a ancient book of spells. The girls summoned a demon allowing themselves to be possessed. A Very Big Mistake! Frightmaster invites you to spend a night at the Possessed University. See if you can make it out in one piece!

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Smugglers Haunting on the Harbor
Haunted House in Punta Gorda Florida
Haunted House & Halloween Festival now in downtown, Punta Gorda. Largest Haunted House in Charlotte County- over 5000 sq ft Halloween Festival- carnival games & rides, Fun House for kids, Costume contest each night, hay ride, Tarot Card Readers, Fortune Tellers, Illusionists, & live music!

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Florida, the "Sunshine State", is known for the large influx of immigrants throughout history. This influx has added to the bloody, gory, and horrid history of Florida. The Native American Indians who lived here first numbered in the hundred thousand. When the explorers came, they brought diseases, diseases which killed off those numbers due to no natural defense against the diseases. Florida, a state that had changed rule many times over the course of history, went from Native American, Spanish, French, to British and back to Spanish rule during a particularly violent and gruesome time period in history. Slaves from Britain would come to Florida to escape slavery, only to have to profess Catholicism before being granted freedom. Captured Native American Indians were sold in the Caribbean as slaves; a trade practiced in numerous countries was difficult to escape. The civil war began over the abolition of slavery, which brought battles to Florida because of the wealthy ports. The Union set up blockades at the ports in St. Augustine, Jacksonville, Key West, and Pensacola. These blockades stopped all major ship trade, but because of the long coastline smaller ships were able to supply confederates during the dark of night. Still this was not enough for the confederates to win the war. Salt was an important resource to the confederates and Florida was a main supplier, refrigeration did not exist at this time and salt was used as a meat preservative. Out of the approximate 16,000 Floridians who fought in the Civil War, about 1/3 never returned alive. Souls left behind to complete missions lost between life and death now roam Florida along with all the slaves and natives whom were killed while trying to survive the brutal times. These souls converged in the many haunted houses, haunted mazes, haunted hayrides, ghost tours, paranormal activity, attractions and more. Summoned by the Halloween season, draws those to the portals that open due to the intense negative energy they need to expel. This intense negative energy they expel helps the living keep them at bay for the remainder of the year. Unfortunately, they must return to do their bidding as part of their mission in purgatory. Florida is a major portal to the depths of the under-world. Demons and messengers of the under-lord return to experiment on the living. Hidden chambers and dungeons are opened under the pure evil and negative energy of the spirits who are unaware of their untimely death. Florida is home to many haunted attractions that are well known in the haunt world. These attractions have been selected as one of AmericasBestHaunts.com, on the list of 25 Must See Haunts from the Haunted Attraction Magazine, and on many local television, radio stations, and newspapers. Visit the haunted world of twisted and deranged haunted houses, slaughterhouse, attractions, mountains, mazes, estates, trains, trails, parks, manors, fields, graveyards, camps and more. Find the most innovative animatronics, cutting edge technology, scary monsters, creepy zombies, clowns, demented demons, creatures from the depths of the under-world, wandering souls, and bring your nightmares to life right here in Florida. When you are searching for haunted houses online, Florida is full of restless souls looking for revenge.

Night Terrors Haunted House in Jacksonville, Florida is the most terrifying haunted house in Jacksonville. Night Terrors Haunted House is equated with being inside a live horror film. Each of the three haunted attractions is filled with high tech special effects, realistic sets, and professional actors. Night Terrors will bring your nightmares and fears to life. Outbreak, avoid the infected at all cost in this haunted house. The N3QX 1 Virus Strain has hit the Jacksonville Metro area particularly hard, severe itching, bloody orifices, vomiting, irritability, are the initial symptoms. Experience the Zombie Apocalypse at Outbreak! Grotesque and inhumane practices done on patients will repulse anyone who enters the Madhouse. The Adner Heights Asylum, once a thriving institution for the mentally impaired patient, became a torture and experiment mecca for patients who were placed here. Submerged in ice water, restrained in padded cells for weeks, shock therapy under water, or Lobotomy were common options or tortures to live people who entered, some never to see the light of day ever again. Experience the sadistic, gruesome, disgusting, repulsive way the patients were treated once they were sent here. Closed down after a government investigation, the Adner Heights Asylum contains the tortured spirits of many patients and surgeons who have been enslaved in the purgatory of the halls, on a mission to escape their terror, or stop it. Journey the halls of the asylum and feel the fear and experience the violent, cruel, and brutal treatment they endured. Nightmares like no other. Disgusted enough, you are an experiment in Redneck Rampage. Redneck Rampage is described as beyond the bizarre. Step into the home of a twisted and sadistic grave robbing family. You have become the experiment.

The Haunted Angelus House is located in Hudson, Florida near Tampa. Haunted Angelus Hudson is one of America’s largest 100% handicap accessible Haunted Houses. Purchase tickets individually for our 25 room fully terrifying Haunted House, The Pirate Haunt: a 40’ Pirate Ship with realistic hangings (PG-13), or a Haunted Hayride. Included with all tickets purchases; creep through the Haunted Cemetery, a Halloween Balloon Trail and a 1 mile Haunted Trail to complete your thrill for the fall season of harvest. Enjoy a family night of fun with hotdogs and drinks for a donation or enjoy additional snack vendors. Gather your gang and let us scare the life out of you; for the season of Halloween is upon us. Don’t wait for a review, come on down and see what all the talk is about. The Haunted Angelus House benefits The Angelus, a Cerebral Palsy group home in Hudson, Florida. Great times for a great cause!