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Netherworld Haunted House
Haunted House in Norcross
2008 brings a NETHERWORLD Haunted House experience like never before with two powerful new haunts: CARNIVORE and MANGLER! Netherworld is a self-guided, dark attraction filled with terrifying live actors, amazing special effects, and incredible monsters.
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Chambers of Horror
Haunted House in Atlanta Georgia
Chambers of Horror is a horror attraction located in downtown Atlanta behind the Masquerade. Experience the most shocking, brutal and intense haunted house in modern history. As seen in Haunted Attraction magazine! ABSOLUTELY NO CHILDREN ALLOWED!
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Haunted House in Morrow
With over 35,000 sq ft of fears, Frightmore is the south’s most intense haunted attraction to date. Relive your worst nightmares.
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Chaos 2011
Haunted House in Carrollton
This year we've packed even more terror into an already Chaotic Haunted House. The rules are the only things that are the same. We've completely gutted and redesigned the haunt as we promise to never be predictable or lame.

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Haunted Hill House of Horror
Haunted House in McDonough GA
Haunted House in 30253 Haunted Hill House of Horror is filled with terrifying live actors, special effects, and incredible monsters. $12/adult, children appropriate tours available by request. Visitors follow a guide in groups for optimal frights.

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Rocky Branch Railroad and Old West Ghost Town
Haunted House in Bremen Georgia
Rocky Branch Railroad and Old West Ghost Town, Bremen's Ultimate Haunted Attraction. Rocky Branch is also notable for its custom built Old West Town and is gaining popularity yealy for it's amazing actors and unique themes. Don't miss one of West Georgia's best haunted attractions...visit Rocky Branch Railroad and Old West Ghost Town this Halloween season!

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Screamo n the Trail
Haunted House in Snellville
At Scream on the Trail you'll find yourself trekking just under a 1/4 mile of the most startling and scary property anywhere, and that's not even counting in the Ghouls, Goblins, Spirits and Monsters that creep around in the dark, stalking, and tormenting you just waiting for their chance!

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Georgia Haunted House News

Georgia, its nickname so sweet "the Peach State", does not reflect the horrible history of the bloody battles and repulsive history of the past. A tragedy of the history of Georgia was the 'Trail of Tears", the forcing of the Native American Indians from their home land to move to Oklahoma. During this particularly violent and cruel time, within two weeks, every Cherokee was captured, killed, or escaped to move west. Many Cherokee fought and perished due to this grave injustice. Their souls to forever battle in purgatory for the mission to free their people from unlawful persecution. The unjust continued through the next century with the Civil War. Of all the 13 colonies, Georgia had the least number in population. Most Georgians lived clustered at the coast with the shipping trade, however almost half of the people who lived in Georgia were slaves. By 1860 the number of slaves in Georgia numbered in the 460,000. This number, so repulsive to us in the modern day, was a fact of this disgusting brutal history of Georgia. With shipping and farming such huge industries, slaves were plentiful in Savanna. This fact in the history of our country brought about the Civil War. The North (the Union) did not believe in slavery. "All men are created equal...", however in the south (the Confederates), the plantations needed the slaves to pick cotton and rice, work as servants to the wealthy plantation owners, and more. This was the root cause of The Civil War. The country was at war. Georgia was a stronghold of the south. The brilliance of Confederate General Joseph Johnston won many battles with the Union army. However upon a review, the removal of Johnston by the President of the Confederacy, Jefferson Davis, gave the edge to the Union Army and the south lost the hold on the south and the Civil War. This review was a poor choice for the Confederacy and a win for the Union. Souls were left behind to complete missions, lost between life and death, now roam Georgia. These souls converged in the many haunted houses, haunted mazes, haunted hayrides, ghost tours, paranormal activity, attractions and more. Summoned by the Halloween season, draws those to the portals that open due to the intense negative energy they need to expel. This intense negative energy they expel helps the living keep them at bay for the remainder of the year. Unfortunately, they must return to do their bidding as part of their mission in purgatory. Georgia is a major portal to the depths of the under-world. Demons and messengers of the under-lord return to experiment on the living. Hidden chambers and dungeons are opened under the pure evil and negative energy of the spirits who are unaware of their untimely death. Georgia is home to many haunted attractions that are well known in the haunt world. These attractions have been selected as one of America's Best Haunts, on the list of 25 Must See Haunts from the Haunted Attraction Magazine, and on many local television and radio stations. Visit the haunted world of twisted and deranged haunted houses, slaughterhouse, attractions, mountains, mazes, estates, trains, trails, parks, manors, fields, graveyards, camps and more. Find the most innovative animatronics, cutting edge technology, scary monsters, creepy zombies, clowns, demented demons, creatures from the depths of the under-world, wandering souls, and bring your nightmares to life right here in a Haunted House in Atlanta, Georgia. When you are searching for haunted houses online, Georgia is full of restless souls looking for revenge. Georgia is well known in the haunt world and when searching for haunted houses online, Georgia is the place to be. Visit our homepage to start your search for haunted houses: http://hauntedhouse.com/

Haunted Montrose brings true fear to life in Montrose, Georgia. An old house, cemetery, and cornfield, appear somewhat normal until you see the unusual items on the front porch. The Slaughter's collect the most unusual items from skins to eclectic tools of destruction and a noose for torture and slow death. The house will make you wonder about the strange and unusually freakish family who lived here, and who may still be lurking in every dark corner. Haunted Montrose is located down a remote dark road to lure you in for the scare that will fill your dreams with nightmares. A fear you have never experienced before is waiting for you. Every step you take reaches further into your worst nightmare to get your heart bursting out of your chest and screams you never thought would come out of your mouth. Havoc 3D, once you step in you wish you could turn back; your every sense is heightened in anticipation of the next corner. Think you have the courage to continue? This is like nothing you have ever experienced before. Not even the tales told from generations before could you imagine this place. Haunted Montrose is not for the faint of heart and will bring the most courageous to their knees. The Slaughterhouse holds the most evil, violent, the most insane, and wicked of creatures from hell below. You need to keep your composure for this family was so deranged, and Haunted Montrose has never been fuller of the sick, evil, demented souls looking for victims. Will you have the courage to make it through Raven or will darkness and evil consume your soul. Make your escape before you succumb to the evil that is enslaved in Haunted Montrose. Rated best in America's Best Haunts, 25 Must See Haunts by Haunted Attraction Magazine, and seen on News Central GA, local newspapers and more. Scares like you have never imagined Haunted Montrose is the area’s best haunted house in Georgia.

Netherworld Haunted House - located in Norcross, Georgia is northeast of Atlanta. In 2012, they will bring the horror of Banshee from the deepest depths of eternal darkness and the most terrifying atomic insect mutants from the depths of the Netherworld together for an experience in The Hive. Netherworld is known for the over the top special effects, cutting edge technology, professional actors and unique themes, fantastic monsters, and chilling details. Netherworld Haunted House is renowned in the haunt world and definitely one of the area’s best haunted attractions. Banshee is creatively detailed and takes you into your own horror movie. Not for the faint at heart, the creative back story is full of blood curdling screams and a whole different level of horror. Through the depths of the basements below, all those from snakes to gators, bones to cannibals, what you “meat” from down below will repulse your strongest of stomach and twist your mind with disbelief. What will you find or better yet what will find you? You will never descend steps the same again for you never know what lurks close to the fires of hell below stalking in the darkness.

Chambers of Horror Haunted House Atlanta- in the center of Atlanta, Georgia, and is not for those under 18. A true torture chamber that is too ill conceived to describe and too gruesome not to experience. Take an excursion through the twisted and shocking world beyond your wildest nightmares and see the brutality of torture. The rich and jaded see the world through different eyes, they believe in the torture of the innocent for their own pleasure. Take a tour through TORTUREco. Facility and encounter your worst nightmare. Known for the “Adults Only” rating, this attraction is not geared towards anyone under 18. See the Chamber of Horrors and experience the most torturous, demented, brutal scenes. You just can’t envision the level of the jaded and rich for their domination over the innocent will leave your head spinning. For a list of Haunted Houses in Atlantayou can go here: Frightmore Haunted House - of Morrow, Georgia wants you to re-live your most horrid nightmare. Encounter the world of the most unsavory ruthless characters, add in the most treacherous twists and turns, and mix in the darkness of night all combined with the longer nights and shorter days and out comes a portal to the all that is evil, sinister, and revengeful. Come experience what frightens you...test your courage or tempt your most horrible fear. Frightmore Haunted House is Georgia’s Newest Haunted House for those looking for the newest way to torture to test your soul. Will you make it through the brutal shrieks of the spirits enslaved forever in the purgatory within the walls of Frightmore or fall victim to the creatures from the depths of the most intense haunted attraction in Morrow, Georgia?