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ZOMBIE MANOR Haunted House


7501 HWY 287


Arlington 76001




Phone: 817-478-7430


Email: dean@eerieindustries.com

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ZOMBIE MANOR is DFW’s TOP RATED Zombie Experience with no other Haunted House attraction quite like it. Our movie quality sets, stunning special effects and WALKING DEAD will place YOU in the middle of your very own Hollywood Horror movie.

You may have seen us during the World Series on FOX, on MTV, MSNBC.com or perhaps in Haunted Attraction Magazine or GORE NOIR Magazine. Selected by HAUNTWORLD as one of the TOP TEN attractions in Texas, ZOMBIE MANOR is the best BANG for your buck in town and conveniently located in Arlington, Texas. Hands down the best Haunted House I’ve been to. This place is a no holds barred zombie fest that will absolutely make your entire month of October a month to remember!!! Don’t take my word for it. Cruise on out to Arlington and check this place out. Definitely must see!!! -Jimmy Blunt, McKinney, TX – facebook “The BEST Haunted House Experience I have ever had in my life. I HIGHLY recommend ZOMBIE MANOR in Arlington.” -106.1 KISS FM Radio Personality



In the late 1800s a wealthy landowner, Branson Delacroix, moved his entire family, estate and holdings from the murky lowlands of Louisiana to Texas. Delacroix built a large manor house referred to as Landrun Manor since the eye could see as far as the land runs. Landrun Manor was erected on an open prairie beside an old, withered cemetery and a lush, flowing creek (believed to be in the area now considered the Arlington-Mansfield corridor along US Highway 287). Many Delacroix laborers oddly warmed up to having the manor house built next to a cemetery. One Delacroix house servant was a young and beautiful Creole woman named Badula. Bedulas Creole ancestors were steeped in the practice of voodoo and the spiritual rituals that come with it. Her mother and her grandmother were highly regarded priestesses from islands in the Caribbean. Bedulas great grandmother secretly taught young Badula voodoo spells before she could even walk and many of Delacroixs servants and field hands were well aware of Bedulas amazing powers of perception and healing even at such a young age. When Badula turned 17 she became Delacroixs household manager responsible for supervising the staff for the entire estate. This was a position of great honor and responsibility. This also meant Badula had a room of her own in the manor house; she was no longer living amongst those in the cramped and decrepit shacks at the edge of the estate beside the cemetery. Badula settled into her new position of standing and several prosperous years passed by; working in harmony with Delacroix for many years. Then Badula fell in love with the Manor Stableman; she married and had a child. The years passed by and Badulas young daughter grew to become a beautiful woman just like her mother. One day, after a long night of drinking with other wealthy landowners, Delacroixs long hidden passion for Badulas beautiful young daughter overtook him. His ill thought advancement on the young house girl enraged Badula. She could not believe the man she had grown to trust and respect could do such a terrible thing. Badula became so infuriated, that her powers, all but buried away for nearly two decades, reared up in fury. Erupting in a fit of rage and anger Badula cursed Delacroix, his family and all of his land. Reaching back to days gone by of her voodoo practices she called upon her ancestors to strengthen her forgone powers and summon up pure evil to infest Delacroix as well as all of his holdings. It was not long before a foreboding sense of dread spread throughout the Manor. Crops spoiled, livestock mysteriously died and an infectious plague came over the Delacroix family along with anyone who stepped foot on Delacroix soil. Strangely, even the “dead ” became cursed as shortly following their last breadth escaped gaping mouths the body rose once again to walk the earth. And, these living dead were really not quite either…living or dead. It was not long before the Delacroix land was besieged by hordes of the walking dead – - ZOMBIES! As the years and decades rolled by, Landrun Manor slowly rotted away to a dilapidated state of decay. The land slowly grew up around this creepy, old property. Then one day a stranger arrived; they called him the Caretaker. Along with him, came a crew of western clad and ragged prospectors who appeared to be his henchmen. Wherever the Caretaker was heard to be seen he was said to be with this trio the townsfolk soon began calling the Zombie Wranglers. Some claim the Caretaker and his Zombie Wranglers are often seen shuffling through town when the night is bright by the glow of the moon. Ever so often word spreads about an infection that impacts the Dallas-Fort Worth area. These uprisings occur frequently…and for no real reason. In 2009, the media said it was the Swine Flu. The following year, oils and toxins washing ashore the gulf coast were blamed as the culprit. In 2012, the West Nile Virus crept into Dallas – Fort Worth infecting the unassuming. No one really remembers how or when the virus seems to start…or how fast they spread…but somehow the Caretaker and his Zombie Wranglers are never too far behind. Is Badula coming back to claim more lost souls or is there something more mysterious…more sinister… or even more evil at work that cause the dead to walk amongst us? Should you dare, you may find your answer beside the old cemetery, near the dry creek bed – inside ZOMBIE MANOR!

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