Sinister Sidney

1308 Filmore St.
Sidney, Iowa 51652
United States


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Dates & Times of Operation: Fridays and Saturdays in October. 7:00 - 11:00

Ticket Information: $13.00

Sinister Sidney – Frights on Filmore St. has DOUBLED its SIZE for 2018 to 1/2 Mile Long! That’s twice the size, twice the scares!

Sinister Sidney is a horror filled trek through forest and farm and is located on the old haunted Canon property (circa 1858)  in Sidney Iowa.

Even if you’ve been here before, you’ve never seen anything like it. Sinister Sidney is a totally different experience than the ‘Scream in your face‘ haunts you’ve been to before. Being a 95% outdoor haunt, we’ve enlisted the help of Mother Nature to set your nerves on end and bring your worst phobias to life.

Part way through you will arrive at the bonfire where you may allow your heart-rate to slow as you warm your tootsies and sip some hot cocoa. ($0.25/cup)

With over 40 individual horrors, this trip is not for the faint of heart. For that reason, small children are frowned upon, and promptly eaten.

Admission is $13.00 or receive up to $3.00 off. $1 per non-perishable food item donated. All food donations go to help stock the West Central Services Food Pantry.


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