The 17th Door Haunt Experience

2856 El Camino Real
Tustin, California 92782
United States


Phone: 7144419080

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Dates & Times of Operation: September 25 - November 1; 7:00pm -12:00am Hours vary - See website

Ticket Information: Regular tickets starting at $21.00; VIP Speed Pass tickets starting at $25.00

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The 17th Door is Orange County's most intense and most terrifying haunted house! Behind its 17 doors is an interactive experience more innovative and shocking than anything that's been tried before. From inside the replicated walls of a demonic University, all of your senses will be assaulted as you progress from room to room, with each space more intense and more frightening than the last – Over 30 minutes of psychological terror!

The 17th Door is designed for mature audiences, preferably 16 years of age and older, and is not recommended for children under the age of 13, as there will be intense thematic material throughout the haunt. This unique, timed haunt experience tells the story of Paula, and how her life falls hard and fast down a spiral of torture and bad decisions. Can you walk in Paula's shoes through the dissolution of her life, and face her personal demons? Will you be able to withstand what's behind that final door? Or will you succumb to the fear and have to cry out “Mercy”?

Open Sept. 25th – Nov. 1st
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The Story of The 17th Door Sometimes going away to college is an amazing experience, unless you end up at a place like Gluttire University. Paula thought she could start again fresh after high school and escape her past. She believed she could leave it all behind and pursue her dream of becoming a doctor. But what happens at Gluttire between classes isn't just troubling, its pure evil. In a University like this, dreams only become nightmares and Paula waits to share her’s with you. Come walk with Paula for over 30 minutes through The University and its seventeen rooms of psychological terror... A place so sinister that the personal demons of her past take pig form and roam the campus waiting to haunt her. In this decrepit institution, where evil breeds unchecked, go along with Paula as her life falls hard and fast down a spiral of torture: uncontrollable purging, excessive abuse and bodily harm. Try to calm your senses and gather your courage as you progress from room to room because under the disturbed and watchful eye of this monstrous school, each space tests your emotions and endurance more than the last. If you think you are prepared to enter Paula’s world, then know this: everything inside this realm, which assaults your senses, is real. All you’ll feel on your flesh, the heat and the freezing chill, is real. The putrid odor that invades your nose from the stench of her rotting life is real. Know that when you walk into the frozen locker and are surrounded by the carcasses of her demons, what hangs from those hooks is real. And when you linger in her dorm room, what scurries under your feet and along the walls is real. The question is: can you make it? Can you walk in Paula’s shoes through the dissolution of her life to withstand what’s behind that final door? Or will you want to escape along with her…perhaps even before her? Can you survive this, or will you scream MERCY in order to be escorted out of this nightmare? Are you brave enough to make it through... The 17th Door?

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