Top 10 Halloween Movies

Top 10 Halloween Movies

Each Halloween we love to pull out our favorite Halloween movies and have a viewing marathon that goes all night! These are the movies that we think best capture the feel and mood of the spookiest holiday of the year!


No. 10 Monster House

ANother great one for kids and adults alike. Monster House takes a lot of inspiration from 80's movies like the Goonies and brings them to the classic monster movie. Only this time the Monster is a house that eats people. The film takes place at Halloween so its a great movie for family night viewing.


No. 9 Nightmare Before Christmas

This 1993 Classic film from the mind of Tim Burton is a masterpiece of stop motion animation. Jack Skellington, The Pumpking King of HalloweenTown, has grown tired of of the same holiday every year. So he decides to take Over Christmas and make the holiday his own! This film is a visual feast of Halloween and a film thats great at both Halloween and Christmas!


No. 8 Halloween 3: Season of the Witch

This one is a personal favorite of mine but definetly worth watching if you like your 80's horror movies with Cheese. Halloween 3 has nothing to do with the Halloween movie series which is why a lot of horror fans hate this movie. In Fact Season of the Witch is better known as the Halloween movie without Michael Myers. Yet if you give this movie a chance you'll probably like it. Its about a celtic business tycoon with a sinister plan to use his popular Halloween masks to punish the world for disrespecting Halloween. Its a silly cheesy film with some bad acting and killer robots in business suits but its still one of our favorites.


No. 7 Creepshow

Inspired by Tales from the Crypt comis from the 1950's this anthology film tells 5 stories that are scary and fun told using unique camera and lighting effects emulating its comic book source material. Its a must see film for anyone who likes horror story collections.


No. 6 Thirteen Ghosts

A remake of the campy Castle film from the 60's, Thirteen Ghosts has some of the most inventive ghosts and enough practical special effects to fill 10 movies. While the story isn't that hot the visuals of an all glass house filled with ghosts that are pissed makes up for it. Its a one of the better haunted house movies of the last decade.


No. 5 John Carpenter's The Fog

The first entry from John Carpenter on this list but not the last. The Fog is a classic ghost story with amazing atmosphere and lots of shadowy pirate ghosts standing in glowing fog. Unlike the terible remake from a few years ago, the original knows how to build suspense and the fog is real and a lot scarier than silly CGI fog faces.


No. 4 Insidious

A great classic and scary ghost story was long overdue when Insidious Hit theatres in 2011. Its the classic haunted house story with lots of creepy moments that will be sending chills up your spine. Its the perfect movie to watch with the lights out.


No. 3 Sleepy Hollow

The classic story of Ichabod Crane by way of Seven. Johnny Depp plays Crane, who's now a forensic investigator, assigned to the village of Sleey Hollow to find and arrest the Headless Horseman. The film is absolutely beautiful in its fall sets and constant overcast skies. Its a clever, fun and scary Halloween movie.


No. 2 Trick 'r Treat

Quite possibly the only film on this list that perfectly captures Halloween in the midwest. This anthology film tells 5 stories that all take place in a small Ohio town on Halloween night. Its smart, very scary, very funny, and beautifully shot. Its the best film to watch on Halloween night!


No. 1 John Carpenter's Halloween

Yeah you know this was going to be on the list. The original slasher film that started it all is still the best. Its a slow moody thriller that created the whole slasher craze that ushered in the 80's. By todays standards the kills are pretty basic and tame but the atmosphere and music is what made this movie the classic it is and why it will long be remembered after the terrible remakes have been forgotten.