Well, we made it through another year. Throughout all the ups and downs everybody (or at least most everybody) has managed to stay sane. This year seemed to be a mixed year for haunt owners. Some I've talked to did great, while others had a less than stellar year. I think that 2005 will be a better year in many ways.

First off, we have TransWorld trying to make

amends with haunters after last year's mess. Next March, they will be having the first annual Haunter's trade show on the second floor of the convention center. While this may prove to remedy some of the problems from last year, there are still a few problems that exist, with some vendors that haunters buy from choosing to exhibit on the main "wholesale" floor. I applaud TransWorld's efforts to patch the bridge between themselves and the haunters, but we'll just have to wait and see if this show will live up to the expectations and if haunters are satisfied with the overall result.

I also expect to see a brand new IAHA in 2005. With all of the chaos that has ensued over the last month or two, members of the board of directors have resigned, members have revolted and all hell literally broke loose, both in private and public forums. While I won't get into details, so as not to fuel the fire, I will clear up my stance, as it relates to IAHA. When the 'Reformation Platform' was announced to the haunting community, it was endorsed by Leonard Pickel, Larry Kirchner and myself. In no way am I bashing IAHA or its board of directors, but rather, I, like many others, feel a drastic change and a brand new board are necessary in order to progress IAHA to where it should have been years ago. I do support, and will continue to support IAHA as an organization, I just feel that change is necessary.

Another exciting thing to look forward to next year is brand new HauntSearch Magazine products. If you've seen the news section on our website, you already know that we've struck a deal with up & coming company, "Haunt Inspirations" to commission the creation of a HauntSearch Magazine desk lamp, unlike anything you've ever seen before. In addition, we're working with Rustyknife Haunt Soundtracks to create an original haunt soundtrack. Both items should be available in the coming months. We're also planning on adding a few new and exciting products to the site in the upcoming year!

Now, on to this issue. Since it's the holidays, we feel that a haunter's wish list is only natural. This list consists of unique and novel items that any haunter would be proud to have in their crypt. Also in this issue is a follow up interview from issue 2 with Steve Hickman of the Terror Syndicate. In addition to the interview, for the first time ever, we've done an in-depth walk through of a home haunt, taking you through "Dark Works" 2004 in a picture-loaded virtual tour. New projects for this issue include a faux flame skull project, which is sure to turn any atmosphere into an atmosFEAR. In keeping with the "lighting" theme, we've also included a how-to for creating LED spotlights that look like vines. A great way to add specific lighting to any area, while blending it into the surrounding scene. All this and more are packed into this issue!

With that being said, I hope each and every one of you have a safe and enjoyable holiday season. Take a few momets to relax, be with family and reflect on life and what's really important. We'll see you back here in 2005. So until then, take care!

Rick Whitlow,


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