"Niles Scream Park"
Niles, MI

Niles Scream Park was chosen as the October Featured Haunt. With the combination of scares and laughs for the whole family. Read on to find out more.

This is not your ordinary "haunted house", it is a haunted 'scream park' with 5 different attractions to occupy your night with. The attractions include:

'Niles Haunted House 2002'- The main attraction at Niles, this house is unlike most haunted houses, in the fact that there is about 100 possible ways through the house, with different routes, depending on which way you go. There is approx. 30 rooms in the house, but with so many different ways, you'll never see all the rooms in one trip through, so each time has the possibility of being a 'new experience' in the haunted house.
'Frightshift in 3D' - A funeral home, where the workers have been there JUST a little too long...
'Area 51: top Secret' - An alien themed attraction
'Field Of Screams' - An outdoor attraction that ends in a wooden maze...
'Dark TERRORtory' - haunted hayride

In addition to the 5 attractions is the "Macabre Midway" which features traditional midway games, with a distorted twist.

The entire park is on a 44 acre site, which is located at 855 Mayflower road. Niles, MI. Just west of US 31. Exit 5. Niles Scream Park has been in operation for 22 years, and is staffed by volunteers from more than

thirty area non-profit groups. The groups receive a donation based on the number of hours they provide. Last year, over $68,000 was raised for the community.

What makes this haunt so successful? Well, according to them, "it's different; and to have so many attractions, as well as such a unique haunted house". Attendance records also prove it's popularity. With 2001 attendance at just over 60,000, which is a step down from the pervious year's attendance, which seen 76,000 victims, er I mean customers. But given that in 2001, 10 of the 21 days there were open, rain caused a decline in business, just over 60,000 is still an impressive number.

Some of the favorite 'haunts' from previous years include "Slime Room", which will be brought back this year, "Cannibal Hut" and the entry theme was "Ghoulin Rouge",

which was well-received.

For 2002, there's guaranteed to be even more suprises. Some of them include, "Exorcist", "Human Sacrifice Room", "Clown Alley" has been expanded into a complete room and "Granny's Attic".

With 5 haunted attractions and midway games, you're sure to find hours of entertainment here. Niles Scream Park was named as one of the top 20 "must see" national haunted attractions by MS-NBC, and it's not hard to see why!

Make the trip to go see Niles Scream Park this October. HauntedIllinois.Com and HauntedHouseChicago.Com felt it was worth the trip to visit this haunt.


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