"Crossing the Threshold"
At The Final Houdini Seance
By Dave Tryzenski

Northeastern Pennsylvania has a number of autumnal attractions, but none more unique than the Threshold Spirit Theatre's "Final Houdini Seance," a tantalizing glimpse beyond the veil.

Held throughout October, and on select nights in the months of November and December, in the Library of the magnificent Masonic Temple Cultural Center

in Scranton, PA, this event is a must for those seeking something other than chainsaws and gore splattered hallways. A special night out for those who appreciate interactive entertainment and cerebral chills.

The Seance is "g-hosted" by Northeast PA's premier magical entertainer; Damian, and the area's foremost mentalist; David Jaye. Two charming characters who embrace their respective roles as "the Medium" and "the Butler" and guide you with relish through an evening's mixture of magic, mystery, and occasional mayhem.

Entering the candlelit, mahogany lined room to sepulcher strains, you are seated around a massive, antique table covered in the finest Victorian lace. The setting for this Seance is real, the delightfully darkened recesses of the Masonic Temple Library. A more perfect setting for raising the dead could not have been designed by Hollywood.
Once seated, participants can expect to be tricked and treated all night long.

The Butler opens the evening with tales of Houdini's death and some history of the Masonic Temple itself. As you slowly become immersed in the atmosphere of the unknown, strange things begin to occur. Was that a trick of the light, your imagination, or something else?

Next, the imposing Medium enters, and the Seance begins in earnest.

First he demonstrates his psychic powers by identifying personal items from the participants collected prior to his arrival. Next, items linked to Houdini himself are examined and unexplainable phenomena occur. Then the Medium attempts to

channel the passed prestidigitator himself and answer questions which the participants have recorded but kept secret.

And then...

But THAT might spoil the fun! Without revealing any more of the delicious details, suffice it to say that this is one night you will never forget!

Due to the intense nature of portions of the Final Houdini Seance, no one under eighteen is admitted, and those with weak hearts, or a fear of the dark, are STRONGLY cautioned. For reservations or performance times you will need to contact the Scranton Cultural Center at 1-888-669-8966.

I highly recommend that you experience this classic evening's entertainment, and one of the best kept secrets of Northeastern PA, for yourself.

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