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"Zombie Xtreme"
Seaside Heights, NJ

The Boardwalk in seaside Heights New Jersey. A place with arcades, pubs, games of chance and tempting aromas from the many food stands. It has become a spot where you can bring your family. Whether you want to go on the rides of the carnival, play the many games of chance or soak up the calm and casual atmosphere, The Boardwalk is Seaside Heights' main attraction.
But what does it mean when the children's laughs turn to cries, and the sceams of joy from the many patrons turns to screams of fear? It means that Zombie Xtreme has arrived, and Seaside Heights will never be the same! Not content with just scaring you for the Halloween season, the maniacal minds behind this production have also put their efforts into scaring patrons during the summer as well.

Located at 200 Boardwalk, Zombie Xtreme is a twisted journey into the manor of Dr Sid, the conniving owner of Dalo Labs. Last summer, experiments were being performed using zombies inside the labs of the facility. That's when things took a hideous turn for the worse inside of Dalo Labs. All of the zombies broke free, killing and

eating everyone inside. The zombies took over during the summer. Thanks to law enforcement, the labs were shut down, and all the zombies had been destroyed.
However, not long after being shut down, a new breeding facility for these creatures was found in the manison of Dr Sid, "Undead Manor". These re-animated bodies now walk around the manor, looking for their next victim.

At Zombie Xtreme, it is your job to investigate the Dr's mansion. Find out what's going on inside and make it out alive. Proclaimed as 'NJ's SCARIEST attraction', Zombie xtreme blasts your senses with more than 68 scares, and zombies everywhere. Not to mention, the ever talked about, "Death From Above", which I won't tell you how it works, but I will tell you this: Nowhere is safe in the house, and the zombies are EVERYWHERE!

Some of the things that customers have liked so much include one room that has been set on fire, the Corridor Of Sould, the Picture Corridor, the livingroom, as well as many more, but I don't want to give too much away. With wall-to-wall zombies, broken walls and torture scenes, you're sure to leave "Undead Manor" with your heart about to pop out of your chest. This year alone they have already had over 300 guests who have "chickened out" from the experience. It is described as a "sick haunted house". How sick? you'll need to find this out for yourself.
The attraction runs from Arpil until Labor day, shutting down, and then re-opening the last week of September to once again strike fear in it's audience for the Halloween season. The attraction features 2,700 sq feet of terror, with 11 rooms, and enough zombies to leave you dead in your tracks. Admission is $8 during the fall season, and $5 for the summer season.
With 2002 being it's first year, Zombie Xtreme has hit with a bang and looks to scare unsuspecting patrons who wander The Boardwalk for many years to come. If you didn't get the chance to visit them this year, make it a point to go to Seaside Heights next year. That is, if you're not too afraid to be in a building full of mindless and hungry zombies who will stop at nothing to make you their next meal! Just remember: only the bravest will survive this sick attraction!


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