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Every issue, Dark Confessions asks several professionals in the Halloween industry one question, and assembles all their answers in this article. This issue's question is:
Seeing as how 2003 is a new year, what
was your New Year's Resolution?"


Kevin Alvey (Gore Galore): "Stop eating the lab rats. It tends to ruin my appetite before dinner."

Jim Warfield (Raven's Grin Inn): "I resolve to be a better neighbor to those people across the parking lot from me."
Mr. Tuxedo:"But Jim, we live across from the cemetary!"

David Oshefsky (Black Dog Productions): "STOP WORKING SO MUCH! and enjoy friends and family. "

Michael Bruner (The Monster Maze): "For The Haunt - To paint castle-rock patterns on my walls.
For My Life - To try skydiving and making sure to enter Harrisburg's Annual Chili cook-off this year for the first time.
For My Family - Making sure that my haunt doesn't monopolize my every waking moment and spend quality time with my family, because life is too short to *not* see your child growing up. "

Knid The Vicious (Legion Of Terror): "To focus more on the future, not just the here and now."

Lee Schultz (Zombie World): "To get better in touch with my dark side."

Kevin Klemm (Ed Gein Collection): "To be sand, not oil, in the machinery of the world. To constantly push the envelope as an artist, and to make The Ed Gein Collection "THE" place to go for extreme haunt props."

Pogo (Demons of Darkness): "To create the scariest, most evil clown character imaginable!"

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