Halloween Decorator
Guilty of Disturbing the Peace

SCOTTSDALE (AZ) Last Halloween season, 29-year old Chris Birkett was charged with disturbing the peace when his next door neighbor called the police to complain. Long story short, Chris was recently found guilty of the misdemeanor charge and could possibly (although unlikely) face up to 6 months in the county Jail.

Here are a few links about his story...

Halloween display frightened children, mother testifies
AZ Central.com, AZ - Jun 15, 2005
Testimony came in the trial of Chris Birkett, whose elaborate display in south Scottsdale drew both rave reviews and boos. ...

Noisy holiday house for sale in Scottsdale, AZ
East Valley Tribune, AZ - Jun 30, 2005
Chris Birkett, who was convicted earlier this month for disturbing the peace with his 2004 Halloween display, has put his home up for sale. ...

Halloween Decorator Appeals Conviction
According to local Arizona newspaper reports, Chris Birkett has decided to appeal his case. Having been convicted and sentenced, Mr Burkett's attorney decided to appeal within the 15 day limit.

Tips to stay out of trouble

- Be considerate of others and how your display may impact neighbors including neighbor's pets.

- Provide your home phone/mobile number to surrounding neighbors and encourage them to contact you directly should any type of problem occur.

- If your location generates lots of traffic, bve sure to have someone keep the area sounding your location clean.