Haunted House Ideas

Building or making a Halloween haunted house for fun or profit can generate a lots of excitement for your business, organization or charity. Some haunts for only being open a few weekends in September-October can genrate tens of thousands in profits or income for your charity.

Locating quality haunted house ideas can be challenging but below are a few of my favorite room scares which have been used on thousands of unsuspecting victims.

>>> Haunted House Idea #1

haunted house idea 001

Initially developed by John Burton of Industrial Nightmare, you enter into a room with a varity of color faces on the wall. The room uses a black light to barely illuminate the room so you can see the faces hanging on the wall.

The Scare
An actor is dressed in all black with one of the faces on. As the patrons walk by, the actor lunges towards them, scaring unsuspecting victims. The key is to make sure you cannot see the actor before the patrons enter the room, otherwise the scare is lost.

A cheap yet very effective scare that costs about $30 in materials costs plus the cost of an actor.

>>> Haunted House Idea #2

haunt idea 002

Using misdirection is a common tactic used by haunters. The is where patrons focus on one area of a room, only to be startled from another area within that same room.

For example, most think that someone will be popping out of the door in the photo but that's not the case. In this haunted house idea, as patrons view the door, an actor (or animatronic) is used from the opposite side to startle patrons.

Using "kiddie" music is also heard to get patrons to put down their "defenses" down. Patrons think it's a kids scare but it becomes one of the more effective scares within a haunt.

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