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Bloody Mary's Mummy Make-up
Learn from make-up professional Bobby Weiner on how to look your best dressed as an Egyptian Mummy.

Prosthetic Makeup
Christian Hanson discusses prosthetic fabrication. In this installment, he covers various topics including how to copy parts of the face-cast and how sculpt a basic pair of features.

The Art of Spraying Makeup
In the last few years, a new trend in make-up has been embraced by the Haunted Attraction Industry, for its ease and speed of application. Spray or airbrush make-up is being relied upon...

Bobby Wiener's "How to" Making of a Zombie
Zombies are one of my favorite characters to create. There are never any two Zombies alike, and that is what is so neat about using make-up, rather than masks. Each one can have...

Prosthetic Makeup - Face Casting
Prosthetic Makeup is an essential element to many Haunted Attractions. Though high-quality latex and foam appliances exist on the market, any serious makeup enthusiast will get to...