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Developing a Successful Marketing Campaign
Although there may be some uncertainty in defining specific marketing terms, it doesn't necessarily mean it should be done by the seat-of-the-pants either. Marketing is not an exact science, however there are still some proven...

Branding for Success
Ryan E. Pluta explains what considerations should be made when naming your event or attraction in this thoughtful essay.

Cool Logo Theory
Designing a great logo for your event is easier than you may think after reading the step-by-step process by Steve Walker.

Eastern State Penitentiary 2005 Media Kit
Media specialist Sean Kelley produced one the most professional media kits ever devised for this upcoming Halloween season. Here's your chance to view the various PDF files which comprise of the media kit.

Voicemail: Creating Your Own Haunt Hotline
The best way to handle all the phone inquiries about your attraction is explained by Sandy Kimball.

Using Celebrities at your Event
Bringing a horror celebrity such as Elvira, Doug "Pinhead" Bradley and others to your event can have a positive impact on your box office receipts and with the local media.

Sweet Profits
As a relative new comer to the "business" of scaring the hell out of people, I find myself intensely intrigued by the prospects. Though my background for much of my life has been in marketing and sales related to the theme park and concessions

Sample Event Sponsorship Proposal (Text only)
See how the pro's forumlate and present a sponsor invitation to a major company seeking funding and product support.

Special Event Promotions
Learn the difference between promotions and sponsorship. In addition, learn how to approach local companies and business for support.

Halloween Event & Radio Cross Promotion Ideas
Sample pitch a haunt would give to radio stations about corss promotional ideas.

Focusing the Media Spotlight on Your Event
One of the first October seasonal haunted houses in the nation started in Salt Lake City, Utah some twenty-four years ago. My two shows, the Rocky Point Haunted Houses, have been operating in Utah since 1979. Halloween has long been...

Universal Studios Orlando - 2005 Media Release
Read an official Universal Studios Orlando media release announcing the commencement of Tickets on Sale for their famed Halloween Horror Nights Event.

How to Develop a Winning Proposal
Selling your event to local businesses or sponsors can seem like a daunting task but it's not that difficult. In this informative report, learn how to present your proposal and get it accepted.

Storyline for Success
Producing a Halloween show that will attract repeat customers and increase profits year after year requires a continuous flow of new ideas. After nineteen years in business in the same area, one of the most effective techniques...

Increase Revenue with a RIP Quick Death Pass
So you would like to increase your income without doing anything extra. Well, have I got a deal for you. Welcome to the world of VIP services...

Marketing Secrets of Haunted Media & Promotion
Haunt marketing Guru Jennifer Sharlow explains how to look for ways to get the most from the media. In such an eclectic and unique field, you want receive the best media at the lowest cost; however, if not done correctly...

Haunted Marketing on the Web
My family and I are true Haunted Attraction fans, and going to Halloween events each October is a sacred tradition. I search high and low for the best events to visit and load everyone up in the family car for "Haunted House Hopping"...

Promoting an Attraction's Fear Factor
If you have multiple attractions, here are a few ideas on how to promote each one to a difference audience. Helpful for multi-element events.

Spin-Off Activities
In this article, Michael Cruz looks at various event options such as charity involvement, event hospitality and special event merchandising which can affect your event's location.

How to Turn Questions into Sales
When someone asks questions about your event, you need to treat it as a qualified lead. In this article Michael Cruz shows you how to cash in from those who have questions about your special event.

Playing Popular Music at Your Event
Nothing helps getting customers "in the mood" than quality music. In this article, Michael Cruz looks at your options and how to avoid getting into trouble.

Selling Your Event to Local Businesses
Getting local businesses to get involved in your event is not as difficult as one would think. This comprehensive review shows you how to approach and close the deal with local companies.

Special Event Publicity Overview
You may often hear people complain about the media, sometimes saying "I don't even pay attention to it anymore." But wander onto a golf course or into a crowded restaurant and listen to what people are discussing. The media sets the...

Special Event Publicity in 5 Easy Steps
Getting local businesses to get involved in your event is not as difficult as one would think. This comprehensive review shows you how to approach and close the deal with local companies.

Get the Most from Your Event: BARTER!
One of the best ways to save cash is to barter with event tickets. Commonly known as trades, they're easy to obtain, as it is only a matter of locating a company which will understand and appreciate the value of bartering. Trade for dinners, building materials, hotel rooms.

Sample Event Marketing Timeline
A checklist of important marketing responsbilities and an estimated timeline.