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Crowd Control & Live Entertainment
When you ask your customer's opinion of your Haunted Attraction, do they rave about the production or complain about the wait? If you are getting comments about long lines and endless waits, then you need to think about...

Photography Disclaimers
If you plan to use photography or video within your haunt for commercial purposes, here are a few "disclaimers" used by various event and theme parks across the country.

Keeping Track of Your Boo Crew
Whether you use volunteers or paid employees for your actors and staff positions, the last thing you need to be thinking in a pinch...

The Haunting Cashier
All too often, with the hustle of getting everything ready for the throngs of visitors each October, one valuable cast member is often overlooked: the cashier. It is not the most glamorous role a Haunted Attraction employee could choose, but...