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How to Make a Human Corpse
In this extensive how-to article, Gore Galore's Kevin Alvey explains how to make a gross looking human corpse for your Halloween haunt.

Build a PVC Figure Armature
Merlin Calhoun shows us how to build fully articulated, poseable armatures.

Skeleton Hand Sconce
George Ledo elaborates on his creation of an unusual wall sconce, a perfect addition for those empty, dark haunt walls.

Killer Pillars
C. J. Cluster shows us how to create a spooky dungeon entrance in this detailed How-To.

Creating a Gateway for Your Cemetery
Follow this step-by-step description by Mario E. Garit, Jr., and build an imposing entry for your graveyard.

Basics of Faux Marble for Floors
Continuing with articles about scenic techniques, Patrick K. Coppinger explains the how-to's of making your nondescript floor, look like it is made of marble.

Home Made Pneumatic Cylinder
So you need a powerful, long-throw, pneumatic cylinder. Your budget, however, cannot handle the 'off the self' price? Why not build your own?

How to Make Inexpensive Animation
We all love those animatronics we see at Disney World and at the Halloween conventions, but who can afford them? I want to put on a good show for my patrons, but...

Building a More Impressive Facade
If there is one area of your haunt in which the public spends the most time, it is the queue line. In the last few days of October, the average patron may ...

Building a Guillotine
Welcome to 'Decapitation 101,' also known as "How to Cut the Head Off Your Friends Without Killing Them". What we will be building today is ...

Building a Victorian Facade on a Budget
Two things were needed to make this a reality: a very tight storyline and a vividly realistic set....

Pneumatic System Design
To many, the hiss of compressed air conjures up childhood memories of theme park rides and haunted houses. The soft yet startling sound can be...

Hanging Skeleton Cage - Getting Medeval
In this article I'm going to focus on a more realistic cage, with a look and feel of a medieval dungeon. This cage is built from metal bars and will be very...

Communicating with Colors
Color communicates a great deal of information. The color scheme is a combination of hues, greys, shades, translucent tints and highlights. Because of the way...

Ghosts in the Wallpaper
There is something about entering an old Victorian house at night that just gives me the creeps. Especially if the house is dark and there is only a...

Low Budget Electric Eye
All of us at some point in time have needed an automated way to activate a sound or light or prop, just as the patron passes a particular spot in the attraction.

Bleeding Portrait
One of my favorite movies is The Ghost and Mr. Chicken, starring the Don Knotts and my favorite scene is the look of horror on Don's face when he enters the stairway to see the bleeding portrait of late...

Smoke Distribution Box
In October of last year our company was hired to enhance the special effects at a local amusement park haunt. One of the scenes involved...

Scenic Brick in Three Steps
As a theatrical designer who has recently caught the haunting bug (cryptococcus terminalis, and the prognosis is very dark), I'd like to share a scenic painting technique for creating realistic-looking brick.

Low Tech Shutters
The look of dilapidated window shutters is as much an Americana as apple pie. In this article, learn how to build frightening shutters for your home.

Haunted Books
Looking for an inexpensive way to create the illusion of poltergeist activity in a library setting, with dusty volumes on a bookshelf moving by unseen hands? Home haunter Christopher Silvia came up with a motor and cam shaft arrangement that worked really well.

The Reality of Mimicking Reality
As an artist, Rob Corsino tend to be very observant and curious about the look, shape, color, patterns, and textures of many everyday things around us; but when it came to recreating ...

Stirring Up Trouble
We have all seen it in various shops, as the Halloween decorations start to appear. That little battery operated witch, who stirs her cauldron and cackles when you move past her motion switch.

Cheap Killer Klown Mannequins
A dark and haunted circus is scary, no doubt about it; but to make my "Carnage Carnival" work, I needed several life-size evil Killer Klowns. So as not to blow the budget, I decided to