Nightmare Studios and The Valley of Death Present THE ASYLUM OF PAIN / TYLER TERRORPLEX

TYLER TX, Texas 75706
United States


Phone: 903-802-5820

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Dates & Times of Operation: This event is open from 8 Pm until 12:30 Am or later Weekends in October 2017 at the ALL NEW TYLER TERRORPLEX located at VALLEY BLUES CLUB County Rd 486, Tyler, TX 75706

Ticket Information: Ticket information Tickets are only $10 per person. Group discount of 30 or more is only $8 per person. Tickets are be sold nightly at the box office or online at ticket leap.

THE ASYLUM OF PAIN !!!Where do the most depraved, evil, terrifying murderous souls go when there is no more room in HELL ? THE ASYLUM OF PAIN was Created to house the most depraved psychopaths, murderers and monsters that ever stalked the earth !!! Nothing can prepare you for the horrors that await you!!! If it scares the Hell out of you its here in East Texas newest most extreme haunted attraction!!Legends Tell of an ancient portal that opens each October allowing mortals to enter this blood soaked land of the damned!!!Live and on the loose, These twisted, terrifying creatures await you !!! These blood thirsty undead inmates want nothing more than for you to join them For all ETERNITY!!!BE WARNED should you decide to enter THE ASYLUM OF PAIN , you’ll need to warm up your vocal chords to ensure you can scream and scream again, loud enough to be rescued!!!But then again, who is going to come to your aid..? Will you make it out alive escaping the hordes of psycho clowns, zombies , killers, Ax murders, chainsaw butchers and monster pig beasts without loosing your mind or mortal soul? !!!NIGHTMARE STUDIOS AND THE VALLEY OF DEATH have teamed up to bring you THE ASYLUM OF PAIN only one of the many new attractions at the all new TYLER TERRORPLEX !!!


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Nightmare Studios and The Valley of Death Present THE ASYLUM OF PAIN / TYLER TERRORPLEX Videos

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THE LEGENDARY NIGHTMARE STUDIOS MAKES TERRIFYING CREATURES A REALITY !!! Nightmare studios creates custom themed haunted attractions, props, figures and costumes for Wax Museums, family fun centers, theme parks and multi haunt scream parks, NIGHTMARE STUDIOS is your one stop shop for shock. Chances are If it scares you we can make it a reality !!! The Nightmare Studios Team of artists create in house terrifying custom static figures, animated figures, masks, props, costumes or entire themed attractions for the haunted attraction / entertainment industry. " Nightmare Studios is proud to partner with THE VALLEY OF DEATH to bring you Halloween at the all new Asylum of Pain / Tyler Terrorplex By keeping our over head low and our quality standards high no other studio can give you the same superb bang for the buck !!!! " says Patrick Matthews founder and president of Nightmare Studios. NIGHTMARE STUDIOS wants to help you bring your dreams to life!!! Let us know how can we help you take your event to the next level. NIGHTMARE STUDIOS is here to help any sized event.

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