Rotten Manor Haunted Attraction

13245 Dixie Highway
Holly, Michigan 48442
United States


Phone: 248-894-6558

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Dates & Times of Operation: Fri/Sat in September and October starting Sept 16. Also open select Thur/Sun in October starting Oct 13. Open 7pm-12am Fri/Sat, 7pm-11pm Thurs/Sun

Ticket Information: Single attraction: $25 | Combo ticket: $40 | VIP upgrade (Skip the line): $10 per attraction

Located in Holly, MI, Rotten Manor started in 2015 as a single indoor attraction. In 2016 the original attraction (The Manor) was updated and expanded, and a second attraction (The Forest) was added. Each attraction takes about 30-45 minutes to complete. Check our website for informaiton on ticket prices and open days.


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More Info About Rotten Manor Haunted Attraction

The Rotten family were Louisiana plantation owners long ago. As their fortunes soured, and the fields ceased to produce any crops worth selling, the desperate family turned to Voodoo and black magic to try and help turn things around. When the residents of the nearby town caught wind of what was going on at the Rotten Plantation, they murdered Mr and Mrs Rotten, and set the plantation ablaze. The Son and Daughter of Mr and Mrs Rotten managed to escape, and fled North with their family's Voodoo priestess in tow. They established a new manor in Southeastern Michigan, and continued the diabolical experiments their parents had started back in Louisiana. These experiments did not always go as planned, resulting in grotesque abominations and psychotic creatures with only a shred of humanity inside them. To try and figure out what was going wrong, the Rottens build their own mental hospital on their land, which soon became overrun with their terrible creations. When the new Mr and Mrs Rotten eventually died, their "children" set them up in the grand foyer of the manor. With no one to keep them in check, the creatures spawned by the Rotten family continue to roam the grounds of the forest and the halls of the manor, hunting for fresh victims to add to their own twisted experiments.

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