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Hauntedhouse.com is proud to welcome Hauntsearch magazine. This haunted house magazine is a great collection of "how-to" articles, haunted house features, home haunt tips and so much more! More issues are coming!

Issue 1 - Scare Tactics & Haunting your Community!
Features: Too Many Props, Not Enough Scares.., Scare Tactics, Terror Gone Mobile, Clown Of Darkness: The Psychotic World Of Pogo, Haunting For The Community, Featured Haunt

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Issue 2 - Haunted House Room Ideas and More
Features: Home Is Where The Haunt Is, Metal and Macabre , Haunt Room Idea by Michael Brune, Crossing The Threshold

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Issue 3 - Getting Crowds to see your Haunted House & More
Features: Everything from an interview with Kevin Klemm of The Ed Gein Collection, to a Scooby Doo Spooky Coaster Ride that opened down under, to some quick marketing tips for getting crowds to your haunt. All this plus much much more!

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Issue 4 - Halloween Horror Nights & Dark Works
Features:Got Gore, Dark Works 2002, Building A Graveyard, Protecting Your Scares, Halloween Horror Nights Revisited, Memories Of The Raven, Spotlight On ScreamPass

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Issue 5 - Effects for Home Haunters & more!
Features: Hauntrepreneur (TM), Extraodinaire, Lamar Manor: Re-Animated, The Home Haunter's "Pepper's Ghost, Notes From The Trenches, Industry Spotlight: "Little Spider"

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Issue 6 - Transworld Haunted Attraction show & More!
Features: From The Desk, Of The Editor, Distorted Imagination, Meat, Monsters & Toons, TransWorld 2003, Unit 70 Studios:, Breaking Out, Creating Ghost Head, Industry Spotlight, ScAir Structures, Notes From The Trenches (pt2), A Tradition In The Traditional

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Issue 10 - Dark Works & Startle Scares!
From The Desk Of The Editor, Dark Works, Haunters Wish List, Vine LED Lights, Flaming Skull
,Startle Scares 10

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