"Scream At The Beach"
Portland, OR


This issue's featured haunt is "Scream At The Beach" in Portland, OR. Their site is easy to navigate, and their attraction looks very impressive. From the professionally painted murals and scenery, to the elaborate sets that are sure to take you away from reality, Scream At The Beach looks to deliver a knockout blow among haunted house enthusiasts.


Their attractions include four evening haunts: "Forbidden Castle", "Curse Of The Mummy in 3D", "The Keep" and "Museum Of Horrors". For the younger guests, they provide two daytime attractions that are friendlier: "Little Screamer Tours" and "Dragon's Tale Theater" (puppet show).


Forbidden Castle is an exploration into the foreboding castle, as you try to find "the heart of the castle", before the sorcerer does, and escape the monsters that lurk within the castle along the way. Curse Of The Mummy in 3D is, as you guessed, a 3D attraction, in which you try to find the mummy's treasure, without waking the inhabitants of this tomb, with many 3D suprises along the way.


The Keep. A terrifying journey into another dimension, with things too real to be of this world!

Museum of Horrors is a walk-through museum exhibits depicting various scenes of horror. Live actors and special effects provide atmosphere and scares.

Little Screamers Tours provide younger children an oppurtunity to go exploring in a mysterious mummy's tomb with two fun loving explorer rat guides, Nigel D. Rat and his trusty sidekick Algernon. This attraction is filled with mild scares and some funny situations for both children and parents.






Dragon's Tale Theater features free puppet shows to entertain the children.

With their dioramas and meticulously crafted set pieces, eerie atmospheres, along with puppet shows for the whole family, and friendlier tours for the children, it's no wonder Scream At The Beach was rated #1 Halloween Event in the Portland area.

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